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2local Renews Website With A Dynamic Roadmap, Opens Up The Yield Farm on Their Own Router And Factory, Plus Gets Their Token Listed On New Crypto Exchanges

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The eco-friendly company 2localfrom the Netherlands has made a few more steps along their roadmap towards fulfilling their mission – a sustainable world with prosperity for all. Responding to the request of the community, they have renewed their website with a dynamic roadmap. It lets everybody see how much has already been accomplished, what the company plans to achieve, and when. Furthermore, the Yield Farm is ready to be used, which will enable users to reap the rewards of their holdings. On top of that, 2LC, the native 2local coin, has been listed on LATOKEN, which will add extra exposure and liquidity for the token, which should result in an increase in price in the upcoming months. The trading competition is also live from the 7th of September, and traders who participate will be eligible for a generous 30,000 USD reward.

Why is 2local special?

The cashback system that the company has developed supports sustainable and local-to-local companies. This cashback is created from the profit of Yield Farms and Staking Pools. 2local is a loyalty platform with the aim to bring about a sustainable world with prosperity for everybody. 2local doesn’t abuse the system or profit from its users but creates value with the help of its users.

2local strives to create prosperous communities, foster the growth of civil society that includes everyone. It also pursues to create lasting sustainability, which is beyond the reach of the current faulty financial system, by enabling everyone to achieve prosperity.

To some extent,2local can be regarded as a social bank that does not create inflation, which is often the result of the current fiat-based financial system. Everyone who comes aboard the platform can be part of the mission that 2local pursues.

2local has become a pioneer in its mission to create a smart marketplace, where consumers can connect to local companies in their neighbourhood and exchange goods and services. It takes away power from global conglomerates and gives it back to local businesses and their customers.

2LC is listed on Latoken, following the listings on ExMarkets, Bitrue and P2PB2B exchanges

Liquidity is the ‘blood’ for any token. If it lacks exposure and liquidity, the only path for the token is down. On the other hand, if a token gets exposure on great crypto exchanges with a large number of traders, it has excellent chances of being a liquid coin, which will keep on growing in value as well as in price.

Apart from being listed on the native exchange of 2local – HeX, where you can swap and buy tokens at low cost, the company got listed 2LC on the top 80 volume exchanges globally: ExMarketsand Bitrue, as well as a rapidly growing P2PB2B crypto exchange.

On top of that, 2LC was recently listed on another top-notch exchange – LATOKEN. It means 2LC is now exposed to tens of thousands of traders who are always searching for new and potential coins to trade and make money. And the listings are not over; they open the door to top-tier exchanges, which is one of the targets that 2local has set itself.

From what has been stated, 2LC has excellent potential to become a top coin in the nearest future. Today, you can check its circulation supply on CoinGecko, and soon you will be able to do that on CoinMarketCap. As many tokens are currently locked (for the sake of increasing value), there is a big difference between the total supply and circulation supply. So, do not get confused when you see the difference between these two kinds of supply in the stats.

Yield Farm is running on the native 2local router and factory

2local community haslong been waiting for the opening of the Yield Farm. She doesn’t have to wait anymore. The Yield Farm is up and running on the native 2local router and factory. So, from now on, the users of 2local can effectively earn rewards on their holdings. Yield farming is one of the most attractive features of DeFi, and 2local is spearheading the feature on itsplatform.

Why is the Yield Farm so unique? In the current zero-interest policy on savings accounts, and negative yields in government bonds, investors are searching for attractive ways to invest their money. Yield Farming is one of the ways to do that. 2local users can lend their tokens at high annual interest rates (currently, APR fluctuates between 75%-85%). That could be one of the best ways to earn passive income, as you basically just have to choose the Yield Farm you are interested in and start harvesting tokens right away. Attractive passive income!

Trading competitions are on, and everybody is welcome to join

To further promote the 2LC token, 2local has undertaken to organize various public events. One of them is a trading competition. It is an often-used tool in such financial markets as Forex, where traders can compete and show their skills in predicting the market direction and trading it accordingly. Now, you can participate in trading competitions with 2LC on the exchanges that have already been mentioned: Bitrue, P2PB2B and LATOKEN.

Traders who participate in the competitions will be eligible for generous rewards. The competition will last from the 7th of September to the 21st of September. The prize pool will be $30,000. Familiarize yourself with the rules to be eligible for rewards.

2local website is renewed and has a dynamic roadmap

Upon the request from the 2local community, the company has renewed their website, adding a dynamic roadmap outlining the achievements as well as the planned actions for every week in the nearest future. So, stay updated on what has already been accomplished and what you can expect ahead. 2local is moving fast!

Summing up

2local is rapidly moving along the roadmap of their vision, reaching milestones every week and making their mission a reality. New listings on top crypto exchanges, trading competitions, Yield Farms, and a dynamic roadmap on their website are the latest accomplishments. If you believe in the mission and want to be part of a better world, where everyone is included, join 2local and start participating right away.






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