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Mexican Banking And Retail Corporation CEO: ‘Get Rid Of Fiat Currencies, It’s Fake Paper, Fake Money… Invest In Bitcoin’


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Ricardo Salinas Pliego, the third richest man in Mexico, posted a Christmas message on his Twitter urging people to buy and hold Bitcoin.

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The billionaire recommends that people should get rid of fiat currencies, and invest in Bitcoin.

Salinas is yet another billionaire who is in favor of abandoning state currencies and proposes to use Bitcoin. In Nov 2020, the billionaire converted part of his fortune to BTC. His business, Grupo Elektra, a Mexican banking and retail corporation also announced the support for the Bitcoin Lightning network. The billionaire claimed that the new payment feature is also available in his Elektra retail stores.

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Get rid of fiat currencies, invest in Bitcoin

It is not new that the Mexican billionaire criticizes the central banks and recommends buying Bitcoin. In November 2020, Salinas had already put part of his fortune into Bitcoin and, after a month, claimed it was the best investment he has ever made.

This Christmas, the billionaire, who owns Grupo Elektra and two TV channels, left a message to his 960K followers.

“Get rid of fiat currencies, dollar, euro, yen, peso… They’re all the same, it’s fake paper, fake money… and the central banks are producing more of them than ever. Invest in Bitcoin”

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Billionaire’s stores accept Bitcoin

On December 16, Grupo Elektra began accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment in its stores and became another business that is working directly with BTC.

“The rumors are true, ElektraMx is the 1st (retail) store in Mexico that allows you to shop with Bitcoin. I’m sorry to win the competition again.”



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