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Best Crypto Trading Bots For 2022


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Some years ago most of the people didn’t even know what a Crypto Trading bot was.  Nowadays they are very popular between crypto community, and there are several reason for this.

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First of all, even trading enthusiasts get bored and tired of being glued to the screen for hours. These pieces of software allow to automate these boring and repetitive tasks.

Unlike other automated bots, Crypto bots are not banned or considered as cheating. On the contrary, crypto Exchanges love crypto bots. It’s a win-win situation. Traders are able to execute advanced trading strategies with no effort or hassles, while crypto Exchanges get a lot trading volume and fees.

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Which ones are the best trading bots for 2022? We have analyzed the most popular crypto trading bots to figure out which ones are the best choices, and these is what we got:


GunBot is very powerful, and it’s recommended for both beginners and experienced traders. Gunbot is one of the pioneers automating crypto trading. It was released on December 2016. It has very powerful and advanced trading strategies included by default, for example: Bollinger Bands, Emotionless, DCA, pot Grid, Step Grid, SMA Cross and many more. This way any noob is able to pick the strategy, pick the coins he wants to trade with, and let the bot to do the hard work for him. On the other hand, the most experienced traders are able to customize every single behavior. Other interesting features are the ability to simulate and back test the results of any trading strategy, and TradingView Addon, that allows Gunbot to execute trading alerts sent by TradingView.com traders almost instantly. It works on more than 100 crypto exchanges. Another strong point of this bot is its big community and the good customer support.


Bitsgap is an altcoin trading robot that the creators describe as an ‘all-in-one trading automation platform for Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies’. Investing in Bitsgap means getting access to the automated algorithms of the robot, but also means you can have a platform that is designed to work with more than 15 of the most popular crypto exchanges, including Binance, Kraken and Coinbase. The Bitsgap Bot allows traders to use predefined strategies or simply create their own algorithms. You do not need to download any software – the Bot is cloud-based, with safety and security in mind. With both desktop and mobile versions, you can use Bitsgap in the way that works best for you – and if you have any problems then customer support is available via email or on live chat.


Vienna-based Trality is at the forefront of innovative algorithmic trading solutions, with state-of-the-art automated trading tools for every level of investor. Choose between their Rule Builder, where beginners create bots using boolean logic (no coding required), or the Code Editor, the world’s first browser-based Python editor, for Python-coded bots. An impressive feature list includes end-to-end encryption, a blazing-fast backtester, financial data, and a robust debugger. Trality’s Crypto Bot Marketplace allows bot creators and investors to profit from each by renting fully vetted bots, and the Trality Masterclass provides informative educational modules on profitable automated trading. It’s easy to see why Trality has become THE place for automated trading.

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Profit Trailer

Profit Trailer includes several pre-coded strategies, and it supports 10 of the most popular crypto exchanges. It was launched on September 2017 and nowadays is one of the most advanced crypto trading bots. Profit Trailer allows us to do paper trading and it’s possible to subscribe to crypto alerts. It’s dashboard is intuitive and it allows us to overview what our bot is doing, info about our purchased coins etc. We can configure our strategy and customize our settings by using the simple editor or the advanced editor. Mainly the Support is given through their Discord channel.

Crypto Trader

Crypto Trader is one of the most flexible ones, and it gives us a lot of options for customizing our trading strategies with almost no coding knowledge. The dashboard includes a drag and drop strategy editor that allows us to create endless strategies. Same as the others bots, it allows us to back test the trading strategies before starting to trade with real money. Crypto Trader supports 9 of the most popular exchanges and they keep adding new exchanges constantly.

These crypto trading bots are excellent options if you want to take trading seriously and take it to the next level.

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