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‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author Robert Kiyosaki Slams Biden, Says Bitcoin Defies Putin As BTC Stand Up To Tyrants


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Robert Kiyosaki Slams Biden As He Says Bitcoin Defies Putin.

Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, has taken a swipe at the Russian and American presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden in the wake of the ongoing invasion in Ukraine, citing the importance of Bitcoin in swinging the war in Ukraine’s favor. 

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In a series of tweets yesterday, Kiyosaki, a strong proponent of digital currencies, especially Bitcoin, said that Bitcoin serves as a major roadblock to “tyrannical governments” as it is difficult for any government to take your money due to how highly decentralized the digital currency is.

“BITCOIN defies Putin. Let’s go Bitcoin. Let’s go crypto. Stand up to tyrants. Stand up to tyranny. Fight back. Don’t be a pussy like Biden.”


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He lauded the Ukrainian president, Zelensky, for seeking financial support in the mode of digital currencies like bitcoin to help combat Russia’s ongoing aggression on its territory.

According to him, the Russian president cannot handle the fact that Ukraine is asking for donations in Bitcoin as he believes that Zelensky has shown how smart he is by sanctioning this move.

Kiyosaki also chided Trudeau for banning Bitcoin while warning that “weak” Biden might do the same as he opines that this move will plunge America into confusion.

Much of these criticisms by Kiyosaki were mainly targeted at Biden and Putin for their purported roles in the Russia-Ukraine crisis as he accused Biden of being a coward and a friend to Putin. 

Bitcoin has a significant role in the world economy, and he believes “Putin is in trouble” for failing to realize that. 

The renowned author, who is also a vocal enthusiast of cryptocurrencies, also stated that the only way to protect yourself in the face of crisis caused by central banks is to buy gold, silver, and Bitcoins while claiming that these precious metals are “god’s money. “

Although he’s made predictions about the economic crisis, he did not fail to recommend the purchase of the digital asset. He encouraged investors to continue accumulating more Bitcoins even when the prices of the currencies fall, stating that he “bought at $6k and $9k, respectively, and will buy more if and when BTC tests $20k”.

Roberts also said that FED & Biden are pushing “fake inflation” and advised people to be smart and buy more gold, silver, and Bitcoins to curb the situation.

Bitcoin, a digital currency, is decentralized by nature. Amid the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the invaded country asked for bitcoin donations. So many people supported the cause a single address sent 3 million dollars in bitcoin. The donations are demonstrations of support for Ukraine, and it was a historic event for the cryptocurrency world.

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