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Terra Founder Do Kwon Seeks Police Protection Following Recent Home Invasion From an Alleged LUNA Investor 


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Do Kwon’s spouse files a report requesting immediate police protection after an alleged LUNA investor invaded their residence. 

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It is no longer news that investors of Terra (LUNA) are not taking their losses in good fate, as several cases of suicide have been reported.

Many investors have hurled insults at Terra’s founder Do Kwon on various social media platforms for making them incur significant losses in the past few days.

A LUNA Investor Goes the Extra Mile

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However, things have gotten more intense amid the recent crash of the LUNA coin, as an investor took things more personally by invading the residence of the Terra CEO.

According to a report published by a local news outlet, South Korean authorities are investigating an invasion into the home of Terra CEO by an unidentified person alleged to be a LUNA investor.

While Do Kwon was not found at home at the time of the invasion, the report stated that the intruder met his spouse.

Per a report filed by Do Kwon’s spouse at the Seongdong Police Station in Seoul, the invader gained access to the apartment earlier today, requesting to see Terra CEO.

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Do Kwon’s spouse reported that the invader arrived at the front of the residence by using the elevator before ringing the doorbell to inquire whether the founder of Terra was at home.

Upon getting a negative response from Do Kwon’s wife, the intruder fled the residence, which raised suspicions that there was an ulterior motive behind the unscheduled visit.

Following the invasion, Terra CEO’s spouse requested for immediate police protection, as she believes there will be more threats to her life in the coming days.

“We plan to review what additional measures are needed throughout the investigation,” a police officer said.

Meanwhile, the development did not come as a shock to many, who expected such an event to take place following the losses that many people incurred investing in LUNA.

LUNA Suffers Tremendous Loss

Recall that LUNA suffered one of the major losses in the history of cryptocurrencies this week. The cryptocurrency, which ranked as the eighth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization last week became the 1,070th largest cryptocurrency after its price fell from over $85 to $0.00000009.

Many reports have emerged of how investors who are heavily invested in the project have resorted to committing suicide as the loss was too much to bear.

However, Shiba Inu’s lead developer advised LUNA investors that suicide is not the best option as he shared some interesting details about his life.

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