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ChainLayer, BTCSecure, Sigma, TerraBay, and Nebula Protocol Show Commitment to Validate New Terra (LUNA) Network


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Five validators have already declared positive interest in continuing validating on the new Terra network. 

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Things are moving smoothly for TerraForm Labs as five developers have indicated an interest in continuing as validators on Terra’s new chain.

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Terra’s Call to Developers

Less than 24 hours after Do Kwon called on Terra developers to indicate their support and commitment to building on the forked Terra chain.

Call to action: we encourage Terra developers to signal support & commit to building on the fork on public channels ASAP,” Kwon said.

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So far Terra has received positive responses from developers, suggesting that everything is going as planned.

List of Validators

The developers that have so far indicated an interest in committing their resources to validate the new Terra chain include ChainLayer, BTC.Secure, TerraBay, Nebula Protocol, and Sigma Finance.

The aforementioned developers took to the popular microblogging platform Twitter to declare their interest in working on the Terra project.

ChainLayer, a validator on Celo, ChainLink, Cosmos, Kava, Solana, etc, stated on Twitter:

“Chainlayer commits to validating on the new Terra network!”

In a similar development, BTCSecure also tweeted a few hours after Do kwon made the announcement, saying:

“@BTCSecure supports the launch of the new @terra_money chain, where we will ensure the reliability of consensus as a highly secure and stable validator.”

Sigma says they continue to V2.

In a similar development, TerraBay also disclosed that they will continue to remain a validator on Terra.

Interestingly, popular decentralized finance (DeFi) developer Nebula Protocol also indicated an interest in continuing to build on Terra.

Terra’s Plan to Make Investors Whole

The Terra team is committed to making investors of TerraUSD (UST) and LUNA whole new again. In a bid to accomplish this feat, the team is proposing to fork the existing chain, which will lead to the creation of new tokens dubbed Terra (LUNA) while the existing tokens will be renamed Terra Classic (LUNC).

The newly created tokens will be airdropped to holders, validators, and stakers of the old Terra tokens. As reported, TerraForm Labs said it believes the newly airdropped tokens are part of efforts to make investors whole again.

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