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Hoskinson Defends Cardano, Says Our Developers Write Codes Carefully to Protect Users & Their Investments


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Hoskinson has once again come to the defense of Cardano against critics, who feel the network has been moving slowly since it went live.

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Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of Input Output Global (IOG), the firm in charge of Cardano’s research and development, has once again responded to critics, who continue to slam Cardano for its slow progress. 

In recent times, Cardano has been called all sorts of names, including “ghost chain” for its limited utility and slow progress in releasing upgrades. 

In a recent video shared by an ADA enthusiast on the microblogging platform Twitter, Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko in an interview spoke about why Cardano has not experienced any issues in the last five years

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According to Yakovenko, Cardano has been slow at releasing significant upgrades because its developers do not “kiss a couple of frogs” while building. 

By this, Yakovenko means that Cardano’s team has blatantly refused to cut corners along the line of building. 



Cardano Team Protecting Users

Reacting to these comments, Hoskinson questioned critics about whether it has become a crime for Cardano developers to write code carefully to avoid costly mistakes, especially as millions of users and thousands of businesses rely on the network. 

He added that he would like to see most of these critics, who always suggest that Cardano should hasten up by releasing significant upgrades and building a hospital. 

So the primary criticism is that Cardano writes software carefully when billions of dollars are at stake from millions of users and thousands of businesses rely upon the infrastructure for their livelihood? I’d love to see these guys build a hospital,” Hoskinson said on Twitter. 

Hoskinson Mocks Solana

This comes less than 12 hours after Hoskinson mocked Solana for suffering another network outage, comparing the popular blockchain to an old Nintendo game. 

The Cardano exec shared a YouTube link on Twitter today showing steps to get an old Nintendo game working, and suggesting that Solana developers should use the steps in the video to revive the network.     

Critics Slam Cardano’s Slow Progress

Meanwhile, Cardano has been widely criticized for the slow pace the network has moved since its launch in 2017. The popular blockchain network has been compared with networks such as Solana and Ethereum in terms of achievements. 

Despite the fact that Solana launched at least two years after Cardano had gone live, it has achieved tremendous progress, especially in institutional adoption and the number of venture capitalists backing the project. 

However, Cardano’s team is unbothered as it continues to move at a pace it finds convenient in order to avoid incurring any mistake that will be detrimental to users and investors. 

Cardano is getting ready for the Vasil Hard Fork event slated to launch by the end of this month

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