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After Calling Women Brainwashed, Kraken CEO Now Says Women Are Not Less Intelligent Than Men


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The CEO of Kraken has faced a media backlash over his alleged bashing of American women.

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Kraken exchange CEO, Jesse Powell, is currently embroiled in a media battle to clear his name after the New York Times run a story about him disrespecting women. Gender-based debates have become sensitive topics of late. Apparently, the NYT reported that Jess Powell said that American women are brainwashed.

According to Powell, the NYT misquoted his assertions while he was in a debate in a company group with other employees. He claims that the publication cherry-picked a few texts out of a long conversation that run for weeks.

How It Started

Back in April, Powell and some other employees got involved in a debate about women’s mental abilities. The debate started when an employee posted a video in the Slack group showing some women saying that they would rather take $100 in cash than one Bitcoin. At the time, BTC was priced at $40,000.

Apparently, during the discussion, Powell posted,

“most American ladies have been brainwashed in modern times.”

This statement is now causing him trouble in the media.

The NYT Was Out Context

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Jess Powell maintains that the NYT was biased in its assessment of facts, choosing to sensationalize and take the entire topic of context.

In response to the publication, a Kraken spokesperson said,

“In respect to the article published by the New York Times, we consider it to be an unfair characterization of events based on inaccurate assumptions formed by taking selectively picked comments out of context.”

Jesse’s debates in the company Slack group ignited a culture war among employees within the company, even prompting some to quit their jobs at Kraken. The company has since posted a page titled Kraken Culture Explained. With a workforce of 3,200, Kraken plans to fill around 500 job positions by the end of the year. This is stark contrast from other exchanges like Coinbase and that have been reducing their workforce.

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