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Terra’s Do Kwon Goes On A Charm Offensive, Becomes A Motivational Speaker to Keep up Hopes of Investors


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Terra’s Do Kwon Goes On A Charm Offensive, Tells Investors To Persevere Crypto Crash.


Do Kwon has turned into a motivational speaker to keep up the hopes of investors. A few weeks ago, the Terra ecosystem went down in a spiraling price crash that left investors with $40 billion in losses.

Terra 2.0 was launched and that followed a botched LUNA (Luna 2.0) airdrop. Luna 2.0 almost found a footing at around $19 before crashing as well. It’s now trading at just around $2.

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Meanwhile, the Terra founder and controller of Terraform Labs, the developer team of the blockchain, has faced backlash after backlash over recent weeks. The Terra community seems to be losing trust in him and TFL. Now, Do Kwon has come up with a new plan to motivate Terra investors.

In a recent Twitter thread, he went on a charm offensive to calm down irritated investors.


Learning From Lessons

According to Kwon, investors should keep their faith intact regardless of whether crypto, especially Luna’s, price crashes or not. He went on to say that the troubles that have plagued Terra over the last month should be a lesson to future blockchain and industry builders to do better. In his view, the next generation of builders will be tasked with developing better systems that will be resistant to such vulnerabilities.

DeFi And Volatility Are Part Of The Game

In another statement meant to ease tensions after Luna 2.0 failed to deliver as expected, Do Kwon said that market volatility, especially in the DeFi market, keeps the industry alive and is the price that people have to pay to win against censorship and enjoy sovereignty. He went on to claim that liquidations shouldn’t be so scary as to render these beliefs unfunctional.


With this, Kwon seems to attempt to focus the community on governments and censorship as opposed to Terra. For one, millions of people lost their money when UST de-pegged and Luna crashed. Many were liquidated as well.

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