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Charles Hoskinson Says Terra ($LUNA) Collapse Is the Major Reason Cardano Team Postponed Vasil Upgrade 


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Cardano postponed Vasil’s upgrade to prevent the blockchain from experiencing the same fate as Terra. 

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Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has disclosed the exact reason why the team behind the project decided to postpone the launch of the Vasil Hard Fork Combinator Event (HFCE) to next month.

Speaking in a recent video, Hoskinson said the Cardano team decided to postpone the much-anticipated Vasil upgrade launch because it is trying to avoid a repeat of the Terra incident.

Team Decided to Double Check

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Hoskinson noted that developers had completed the code for the Vasil upgrade and everything looked ready for launch, as most projects would have been tempted to roll out the update.

However, he instructed developers to run more tests in order to prevent Cardano from experiencing a similar situation as Terra that resulted in the crash of $LUNA and $UST.

“What happened after the collapse of Terra (LUNA) is that I gave a directive to a lot of the engineers to say we should probably measure three times and cut once, given the nature of things,” Hoskinson was quoted as saying.

Following Hoskinson’s directive, additional tests were added to the Plutius suite, while other tests were also added for quality assurance, which he described as beyond what the team normally does for hard forks.

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“After Consensus, we had contact with decentralized application developers and other people and there was a desire to be a bit more inclusive in the quality assurance process and the testing process. So a lot of them said they needed several weeks of testing, to be able to play around with these things,” Hoskinson added.

The development comes a few days after Cardano announced it had rescheduled the launch of the Vasil upgrade to next month.

According to Input Output Global (IOG), the company overseeing the Cardano project, a few minor bugs were discovered at the final stage of the testing.

Cardano Dedicated to Protecting Users

However, the announcement did not come as a shock to many given that Cardano is known for always taking its time in releasing significant upgrades.

Hoskinson previously disclosed that Cardano is committed to protecting investors at all times, which is a major reason why the network’s developers have always encountered delays in releasing significant upgrades.

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