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Cardano Founder Teases ADA Community About An Important Feature of Vasil Hard Fork


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Cardano’s founder describes Vasil’s upgrade as Cardano’s next wave. 

There is so much hype around the upcoming Vasil upgrade and it has continued to make the Cardano community anticipate its full rollout.

In a recent Twitter post, Charles Hoskinson, Cardano’s Input Output Global (IOG) CEO describes the upcoming Vasil upgrade as “Cardano’s next wave.”

Hoskinson’s comment is in response to a post made by Sebastien Guillemot, the co-founder of blockchain company dcSpark, who shared insights about an important feature of the upcoming Vasil upgrade – the migration of new tokens from Ethereum to Cardano.

“Did you know that until now, a lot of ERC20 tokens just technically weren’t able to be ported to Cardano because of missing functionality? The Vasil update will allow a new class of tokens to be ported over — notably non-custodial token, stablecoins & stateful tokens,” Guillemot said.

Guillemot said moving new tokens from ETH or ERC20 tokens to Cardano would only be supported at the protocol level during Vasil’s initial deployment. However, it would require more time before developers could build tooling for the movement of new types of tokens from the Ethereum blockchain to Cardano.

Responding to the post, Cardano’s founder said: “coming this month, Cardano’s next wave!”

ADA Investors Anticipate Vasil Rollout Amid Massive Hype 

Vasil is considered one of the most important upgrades of the ADA ecosystem as it is expected to enhance Cardano’s performance.

The upgrade is tipped to boost Cardano’s speed, security, scalability, and smart contract functionality, among others.

With these mouthwatering features, Cardano enthusiasts had anticipated its official rollout last month. However, they were disappointed after the development team announced that it has postponed Vasil’s mainnet launch to the end of this month.

The IOG noted that the move is imperative to identify all issues associated with the upgrade before it is officially launched.

Although Vasil is yet to go live, the Cardano founder recently chose the upgrade as his most defining moment of the year.

“It’s always difficult to define one key moment but the Vasil Hard Fork is pretty significant,” Hoskinson said in an interview with London-based media outlet City A.M.

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