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Top ETH Whales Accumulate 20.99 Million Polygon (MATIC), Worth $14.67 Million in 24 Hours


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Top ETH Whales have added a significant amount of Polygon (MATIC) to their portfolio in the past 24 hours.

Three deep-pocketed Ethereum investors named “Bonobo”, “BlueWhale0079”, and “BlueWhale0097” accumulated a whopping total of 20,999,992 (20.99M) MATIC, worth $14,671,642 ($14.67M) in four separate transactions.

ETH Whale Named “Bonobo” Bought $1.43 Million Worth of MATIC:

The blockchain data tracking website, WhaleStats reports that the 7th biggest ETH Whale named “Bonobo” gobbled up a total of 2,000,000 (2M) MATIC, worth $1,433,462  ($1.43M) in one significant transaction.

“BlueWhale0079” Purchased $1.42 Million Worth of MATIC:

At the same time, the 268th biggest ETH Whale tagged “BlueWhale0079” scooped up a total of 1,999,998 (1.99M) MATIC, worth $1,423,984 ($1.42M) in one noteworthy transaction.

“BlueWhale0097” Purchased $11.81 Million Worth of MATIC:

WhaleStats further reported that the 149th biggest ETH Whale labeled “BlueWhale0097” added a whopping total of 16,999,994 (16.99M) MATIC, worth $11,814,196 ($11.81M) to her portfolio in two separate transactions.

In the first transaction, “BlueWhale0097” purchased 9,499,997 (9.49M) MATIC, worth $6,602,051 ($6.60M).

Following this, the Whale performed a second transaction and scooped up another 7,499,997 (7.49M) MATIC, worth $5,212,145 ($5.21M).

Impact on MATIC Price:

The massive accumulation of Whales doesn’t help boost MATIC’s price. At the time of writing, Polygon (MATIC) is seen trading at the price of $0.6881, down -0.85% over the last day, with a 24-hour trading volume of $862,478,263 ($862.47M).

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