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Midas Releases 3 CeDeFi Investment Strategies, Creates New Opportunities In The Bear Market


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On August 10, 2022, Midas.Investments, a custodial CeDeFi platform, released three new investment strategies. The platform merges diverse approaches to digital asset management into single-click products to let investors gain steady profits in any market conditions — including the ongoing bear market.  

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CeDeFi: Unlocking the potential of crypto investments

In a nutshell, CeDeFi serves as a gateway between centralized and decentralized finance, combining the former’s reliability with the latter’s high profitability. Due to mandatory audits all products and services go through, CeDeFi solutions set high security and transparency standards and reduce the likelihood of fraud. 

As a forerunner of CeDeFi, Midas.Investments aims to lower the high entry threshold of crypto, allow investors to explore vetted trade opportunities all while enjoying CeDeFi low fees, and overcome DeFi’s steep learning curve. The platform users get access to a vast range of crypto-assets, swap features, and investment strategies that let them build a robust yield-generating portfolio. 

Midas.Investments: strategies for all market conditions

The strategies launched by Midas combine several different approaches to working with digital assets (e.g., ETH, CRV, CVX, DAI, USDC, USDT, Sushi, etc.) and protocols (like AAVE, Alpha Homora, etc.) to create intuitive, accessible investment tools. 

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They are tailored for different market conditions. For one, “Soft Long” on ETH generates yield through ETH-USD liquidity pools, and price appreciation of ETH as borrowed USDC is converted to ETH. It can be leveraged to diversify a portfolio during choppy, bearish markets while maintaining exposure for the start of a potential rally in the crypto markets.

“Soft Short” on ETH is a strategy that generates yield through ETH-USD liquidity pools and price depreciation on ETH due to borrowing ETH while converting half of the position to USDC. Combined with the “Soft Long” strategy in different proportions, it can help balance longing, shorting, or neutral market position. 

And lastly, the “DeFi Token Farming” strategy is a basket of incentivized liquidity pools of the most yield-efficient DeFi tokens on Convex Finance and Curve. Farming generates the primary yield and increases in price, with the underlying tokens going up. Midas’ investment team rebalances these pools based on several dynamic metrics, including available liquidity, price impact, and rewards.

Future plans 

All the above strategies allow for mix-and-match with other products of Midas.Investments to reduce the risks presented by market volatility while increasing portfolio yield. Investors may track the full allocation and health of the position through the on-chain monitoring tools for full transparency of strategy performance

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According to Iakov Levin, the platform’s CEO and founder, Midas will roll out more strategies in the upcoming months to achieve higher flexibility and further expand the investor toolkit.

Visit the official website to learn more about Midas.Investments, or follow the platform’s Twitter account to keep track of the latest news. 

About Midas.Investments

Midas.Investments is a CeDeFi custodial crypto-investment platform for staking crypto assets and DeFi tokens. Its key mission is to provide sustainable passive income streams to investors, helping them achieve financial freedom. Here they get access to a vast range of crypto-assets, swap features, and yield-automated portfolios, which makes Midas the go-to platform for those wishing to build a robust yield-generating portfolio. 

Launched in 2018, Midas.Investments has attracted over 7000 investors worldwide and more than 200 million dollars in Assets Under Management (AUM).

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