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Ripple vs. SEC: Ripple Requests to Seal the Identities of Third Parties in Motions to Exclude Expert Testimonies  


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The blockchain company said the proposed redactions were made to protect the privacy interests of the parties. 

Ripple and two of its executives, Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen, are requesting to make narrowly-tailored redactions to exhibits submitted by the company and the SEC regarding the opposition to motions to exclude expert testimonies. 

According to a letter filed today, the Defendants aimed to seal the names and identifying information of third parties and some Ripple employees included in the motions. 

Notably, the blockchain company submitted copies of the exhibits with proposed redactions under seal alongside its letter. 

“The limited redactions that defendants request are narrowly-tailored to protect the legitimate privacy interests of third parties,” Ripple noted in its letter. 

Ripple’s Narrowly-Tailored Redactions

Per Ripple, some of the third parties it seeks to seal their names and identifying information include both some digital asset participants as well as its business partners. 

These non-parties have expressed their desire for the proposed redactions to protect their private interests, Ripple stated. 

Ripple also reiterated its willingness to redact the names and contact information of two of its staff that appear in the Daubert response. 

The blockchain company noted that the identities of its staff are irrelevant to the Daubert response, adding that they are also not part of the lawsuit. 

Furthermore, Ripple also wants to redact the personal financial holding of one of its employees, which it claims is not relevant to the Daubert response. 

Attorney Hogan Reacts

Meanwhile, attorney Jeremy Hogan, a partner at Hogan & Hogan law firm, was curious about the identity of the so-called digital asset participants. 

“Could ‘…digital asset market participants’ be referring to actual XRP retail purchasers? (Crossing fingers),” attorney Hogan said. 

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Lele Jima
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