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VeChain Public Thor Testnet Now Include The New FOB Consensus Update Bringing More Features


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The Thor testnet run by VeChain has successfully been updated to include the new FOB upgrades.

Like a few other blockchain networks in the crypto world, VeChain has been working hard to keep its systems up-to-date, including implementing the latest and most effective functionalities. In this case, VeChain has come up with a new upgrade that has already been run on its Thor testnet.

More About The Update

According to a recent announcement, the VIP-220-AKA upgrade, also known as FOB (Finality with One Bit), is a working mechanism that uses PoA (Proof-of-Authority) mechanism that allows for the same-time implementation of both the Nakamoto and BFT consensus algorithms on the VeChain network. This will create a more robust and effective network with improved resilience.

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FOB Characteristic, According to Vechain:

  • “FOB is simple by design and adds minimal redundancy to the existing PoA-based Thor protocol.
  • FOB, nodes are implicitly locked, i.e., they could vote by appending blocks for multiple forks.
  • FOB could recover from network failure as soon as the network returns to normal and the underlying blockchain is fork-free.”

Node Operators To Install An Upgrade

Along with the announcement, VeChain noted that node operators will now be required to upgrade their testnet nodes to stay at par with the new working model.

VeChain’s Conquest

As recently reported by The Crypto Basic, VeChain has been on a charm offensive to enter into partnerships with various global entities with like-minded goals in the blockchain industry. The network has also been ranked as being among the top 10 most engaging blockchain networks by CoinMarketCap.

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