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XRPL Labs Changes Validators Position To Vote On Amendments After “Yes” Votes Reach 50%


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XRPL Labs Changes Validator Position To Vote On The NFT Amendment After “Yes” Votes Reach 50%

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XRPL Labs decided to have its validator vote “yay” as votes for the NFT-related amendment hit 50% approval.

It’s not always that Ripple’s XRPL Labs gets involved in community affairs, especially with regard to voting on network-related issues. However, a recent vote on the latest amendment seems to have caught the lab’s attention.

The XLS20 amendment is basically a push for a network upgrade to introduce NFT capabilities in the XRP Ledger. The XRP Ledger has been in operation without fail since its launching back in 2012. Boasting a high throughput, experts as well as the community believe that the network can handle NFT functionalities and other smart contracts aimed at making the network more expansive. Notably, the Ripple network has thrived despite grudges held against it by people like Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin.

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The Community Wanted It

Apparently, the Ripple community wanted the XLS20 amendment to pass, and that seems to make XRPL Labs happy. While announcing the good news on Twitter, the XRPL Labs’ handle opined that the team decided to flip its validator from the “nay” position to the “yay” position after the community votes on the amendment reached an impressive 50%.

At that point, it was pretty clear that the community wanted NFT introduced onto the XRP Ledger, so the Lab decided to support the motion by voting along the majority line.

XRPL Labs Votes “Yay” On All Amendments

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It’s noteworthy that XRP Labs has supported community decisions even in the previous votes on other amendments. One of them was about increasing the number of network signers from 8 to 32. The other one was about automatic creation of a check cashing trust line to ease network operations and make the system more user friendly. XRPL voted “yay” on both amendments. That makes three “yay” votes in favor of community decisions. Meanwhile, as reported by The Crypto Basic, Ripple (XRP) whale activity has been increasing.

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