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Publicity Stunt? Mike Alfred Announces Plans to Giveaway 10 Million Cardano (ADA) Worth $4.6M To One Random Person


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The Bitcoin maxi’s ADA giveaway post has attracted the attention of many who still find it hard to believe. 

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In a recent tweet, famous altcoin critic and Bitcoin advocate Mike Alfred said that he wants to give away 10 million Cardano (ADA) coins to a random Twitter user. 

According to Alfred, the 10 million ADA coins were bought in 2018. However, he “completely forgot about them,” only to find them recently during an audit of his total cryptocurrency holdings. 

Since Alfred is known as a Bitcoin maxi and altcoin critic, he noted that he would not be keeping the recently discovered ADA but would give them out. 

“Because I do not want to hold ADA, I will be giving all 10M of them away to one random person who likes or retweets this,” Alfred tweeted yesterday. 

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Mixed Reaction Trail Alfred’s Giveaway Post

The post has continued to attract lots of reactions from many cryptocurrency influencers. While some people think Alfred is serious about the tweet, others think he only put up the post for engagement purposes. 

At the time of writing this line, the tweet has gotten a total of 12,952 likes and 5,433 retweets.

Twitter Users’ Concern

The 10 million ADA Alfred wants to give away to a random follower is worth a whopping $4.6 million at the current exchange rate. 

Although Alfred has not dismissed the tweet as a joke, there is still a likelihood that the post is all a stunt. Alfred might intend to use the post to buttress his point about how badly he does not want to be associated with any other digital currency but Bitcoin. 

Before the post, Alfred seized every opportunity to promote Bitcoin adoption in various tweets. 

He has always maintained that Bitcoin is a superior cryptocurrency to the likes of Ethereum, Cardano, and Solana because the world’s largest crypto has had stable block issuance since its inception. 

Based on this, it would not be a surprise if Alfred’s planned ADA giveaway tweet is just one of his many shades thrown at altcoins. 

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