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Ripple CTO Says Ben Armstrong (BitBoy) Lawyers Misled Him Over His Defamation Lawsuit Against Atozy 


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BitBoy has publicly dropped the lawsuit against Atozy, prompting widespread reactions.

Ben Armstrong, the famous YouTuber who goes by the brand name BitBoy Crypto, said he had dropped the lawsuit against another YouTuber, Erling Mengshoel Jr. (Atozy). 

BitBoy Crypto noted in a 16-minute YouTube prolog that he was dropping the suit because he never wanted it to be made public. However, Armstrong said he did not realize that he had become “so big” that if he slammed a lawsuit against anybody, it would go viral. 

“I guess I didn’t understand that my name is now so big that if I file a lawsuit, it will be found and made public,” Armstrong was quoted as saying in a YouTube live stream. 

Armstrong added that he would not have gone ahead with the lawsuit against Atozy if he had known the matter would go public. 

“We are going to drop the lawsuit, 100%. I’m sorry this has become public; I’m sorry that this has been misconstrued,” Armstrong said. 

Ripple CTO Joins Others to React to the News

Interestingly, news of Armstrong dropping his lawsuit against Atozy has caused widespread reaction across various social media platforms, including YouTube and Twitter. 

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts have been dropping comments about the matter since BitBoy made the announcement. 

Interestingly, David Schwartz, Ripple’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO), is among the cryptocurrency enthusiasts who reacted to the development. 

Schwartz said the recent development suggests that “everyone is trying to do the right thing.” According to Schwartz, he has always suspected that the popular cryptocurrency commentator was misled by his legal representatives. 

However, he believes everything that happened was for happy endings. 

“And as I suspected, it seems Ben was misled by his lawyers who *definitely* should have known better. Yay for happy endings,” Schwartz said. 

BitBoy Slams a Defamation Lawsuit Against Atozy

It is worth noting that the development comes less than a day after it became public that the two prominent cryptocurrency YouTubers might engage in a legal battle

BitBoy slammed a defamation lawsuit against Atozy over an 11-minute video the latter published on YouTube last year entitled “This Youtuber Scams His Fans… BitBoy Crypto.” 

In the video, Atozy said BitBoy promoted several failed cryptocurrency projects on his platform. The accusations did not sit well with BitBoy, who later slammed a defamation lawsuit against Atozy. 

Reacting to the charges, Atozy posted a video titled “I got sued,” adding that it is ridiculous to be charged because he expressed his opinion. 

Atozy added that the legal fees might reach between $50,000 and $500,000. He sought financial aid from his followers and well-wishers by posting a link to a GoFundMe campaign, and Bitcoin, and Ethereum addresses for donations. 

Atozy later revealed on Twitter that he had gotten over $200,000 in donations, adding that he will refund the money once BitBoy officially withdraws the lawsuit. 

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