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Ripple Proponent Attorney Jeremy Hogan Slams Ben Armstrong for “Dropping” Lawsuit Against Atozy 


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Attorney Hogan also joins others to condemn BitBoy Crypto’s approach of “dropping” the defamation lawsuit against Atozy.  

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have continued to react to news of Ben Armstrong’s (BitBoy Crypto) refusal to proceed with the lawsuit slammed against famous YouTuber Erling Mengshoel Jr., known under the brand name Atozy. 

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Attorney Jeremy Hogan, a partner at Hogan & Hogan law firm, became the latest to comment on recent developments. Hogan said it is unusual for people to drop a lawsuit just like Armstrong did on the 16-minute long live video on his YouTube channel. 

“You don’t usually just ‘drop’ a lawsuit,” Hogan noted in a tweet while suggesting ways BitBoy Crypto could have gone about the development.  

According to Hogan, BitBoy should have first contacted Atozy, who may not be willing to go through a lengthy legal battle. The duo could have come together to issue a mutual statement about not intending to proceed with the lawsuit. That way, the complainant, BitBoy, would come out of the lawsuit and “look good.” 

“You don’t usually just “drop” a lawsuit. You call the Defendant (who doesn’t want to go through two years of litigation even if they’re going to win) and say “let’s work this out” and you come up with a mutual statement that lets you get out and look good. This is..different.”

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“This is NOT That,” attorney Hogan added. 

Explaining further, attorney Hogan suggested that Armstrong could have at least negotiated with Atozy to get something that would help him “save face.” 

Ripple CTO Also Reacted

Hogan’s comment comes less than 24 hours after Ripple’s CTO David Schwartz said Armstrong’s attorney misled him

“And as I suspected, it seems Ben was misled by his lawyers who *definitely* should have known better. Yay for happy endings,” Schwartz said. 

BitBoy Drops Defamation Lawsuit Against Atozy

Recall that BitBoy Crypto announced he would be dropping the defamation class action filed against AtozyThe YouTuber said he did not plan for the suit to be made public; however, he did not realize he had gotten so big that matters about him would find their way to public space. Based on the lawsuit’s publicity, he chose to drop it.  

However, the announcement came after Atozy disclosed that he had raised $200,000 for legal fees from well-wishers and his followers. With BitBoy dropping the suit, Atozy said he would refund the money to donors. 

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