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UAE Al Jalila Foundation Receives First Crypto Donation Worth $16M to Support Cancer Charity Hospital


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Quint Founders Donate $16 Million in Crypto Assets to Al Jalila Foundation.

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According to local media, Al Jalila Foundation, a UAE charity organization promoting medical education and research, has received its first-ever cryptocurrency donation. The charity organization got $16 million worth of donations from the founders of QUINT.

This donation will be used to support Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Charity Hospital. The hospital provides free cancer treatment to children and adults. It is one of the leading cancer treatment hospitals in the United Arab Emirates. With the help of cryptocurrency, the Foundation can now reach out to more donors and provide better services to the patients.

The founders of QUINT, who made this donation, are committed to promoting the mainstream adoption of DeFi and cryptocurrencies. They believe that they can achieve this goal by providing real-world rewards and perks to investors.

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Revolution in the World of Finance

QUINT is a unique token that offers investors real-world rewards and perks. It brings the benefits of DeFi and cryptocurrencies to the mainstream. With its innovative approach, QUINT is making a big difference in the world of finance.

Al Jalila Foundation is a non-profit organization that was established in 2013. The Foundation’s mission is to promote medical education and research in the United Arab Emirates. The foundation recently announced that it had been authorized to accept cryptocurrency donations. Now they have become the first healthcare charity in the UAE to accept donations in digital money.

The QUINT donation will go a long way in helping the Al Jalila Foundation to achieve its goals. With this support, the Foundation can continue its work of providing quality healthcare to everyone.

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