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John Richmond Showcases New Illustration of Shiba Inu Partnership Ahead of Milan Fashion Week 2022


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Fashion Designer John Richmond Showcases Illustration of Shiba Partnership.

John Richmond seems just as excited about his partnership with Shiba Inu as the Shiba community. 6 months later, the excitement has not waned. The 62-year-old English Fashion Designer recently showcased an illustration of his iconic partnership with the meme coin. This comes three weeks before the Milan Fashion Week 2022.

The Milan Fashion Week 2022 is set to begin on September 20. Recall that John Richmond’s partnership with Shiba Inu includes a public display of the physical versions of the duo’s NFT collection dubbed “Legends Live Forever” at the Milan Fashion Week 2022.

Taking to Twitter, John Richmond posted an illustration of the partnership between his brand and Shiba Inu in the late hours of Wednesday. The fashion designer added the tag, “we keep it Rock’n’roll,” with mentions of the NFT collection.

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The recent illustration appears to be a reminder that the Milan Fashion Week 2022 comes up this month. Furthermore, it could indicate something new the designer is brewing with Shiba Inu.

His partnership with Shiba was the first of its kind and gave both brands much-needed recognition – Richmond’s popularity sieved to the crypto industry, and Shiba Inu got introduced to the fashion industry.

In light of this, it would not be surprising if the accomplished designer sought to expand this partnership. Additionally, most of Richmond’s recent tweets have carried the SHIB tag and the tag of his NFT collection with Shiba #LegendsLiveForever.

The Shiba Inu team announced the partnership with John Richmond in February, as previously reported by TheCryptoBasic. As a product of the collaboration, a release of 10,000 John Richmond and Shiba Inu NFTs was announced. The collection was dubbed “Legends Love Forever.” The duo also revealed that the physical versions of the NFTs would be on display at the Milan Fashion Week 2022.

A month later, on March 16, Richmond unveiled the first NFT in the collection – Shiboshi #1040. The NFT was a dog of the Shiba breed with a halo. 

As Reported By The Crypto Basic, Richmond Revealed Shiba Inu Clothing Tags in June this year.

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