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Binance Owned Trust Wallet Adds Support for Solana dApps


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Trust Wallet, one of the most notable decentralized wallets, has added support for Solana decentralized apps (dApps).

The Solana network is expanding, and the recent development will likely bring more exposure to dApps built on the network. Trust Wallet recently announced that it had added support for dApps built on the Solana network. The wallet further revealed a list of dApps included in the initial support phase.

Trust Wallet made the announcement Tuesday on its official community platform. “You can now connect your Trust Wallet to the top Solana dApps straight through your dApp browser on iOS and Android, or by using the Wallet Connect protocol on your desktop,” the announcement notes.

Trust Wallet further disclosed the specific Solana dApps it currently has connection point access to in this initial phase.


The list contains 7 Solana dApps: Radium, Sonar, Marinade Finance, Bonfida, Solend, Mean Finance, and Jupiter. This development will make it possible for users of the supported dApps to connect their accounts to their Trust Wallet.

Launched in 2020, Solana has amassed massive support from the crypto ecosystem due to its promise of faster transactions and low fees. The Solana blockchain seeks to step over the competition by utilizing the Proof-of-History mechanism. The use of PoH enables Solana to verify transactions faster than most competitors.

Notwithstanding, the blockchain has been faced with several outages and congestion issues. As occasional exploits have been noticed, bad players have also targeted the network. A few months ago, Solana was drained over $5M, where 8,000 Sol wallets were affected. Nonetheless, more insight proved that the exploit was, in fact, tied to a third-party app, Slope Wallet.

Solana has received some backlash due to its outages, but the adoption rate has not dropped. This Trust Wallet integration will likely bring the network some more exposure.

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