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Top Play-to-Earn (P2E) Game Launching on Terra Classic Blockchain to Boost LUNC Adoption


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MetaRivals Play-to-Earn game will launch on the Luna Classic network.

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In a new development, the Terra Classic network will gain massive traction in the coming weeks after a new Play-to-Earn game announced its launch on the network.

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According to an announcement today, the team behind MetaRivals, a Play-to-Earn (P2E) PvP game, has announced that it will launch its flagship game on the Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) blockchain

 “BIG NEWS For LUNA CLASSIC Community From metarivals. MetaRivals GameFi project will also be getting launched on the LUNC blockchain,” the announcement reads. 

Following the development, the team said it would also add the LUNC 3D avatar to the game to enable its usage during gameplay.

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The announcement comes shortly after the team behind MetaRivals announced that it would launch the game on the Ethereum network.

MetaRivals is the first P2E game that allows gamers to fight in the metaverse using their favorite cryptocurrency avatars. While MetaRivals did not disclose whether it plans to support the ongoing LUNC burns, it is expected that the game developers will support the burn initiative.

The game is backed by Maria platform, which is a web3 gaming solution powering millions of users.

Terra Classic Gains Momentum 

Meanwhile, it is not surprising that the game developers choose the Terra Classic network among the blockchains it intends to deploy its P2E. 

Launching on the LUNC blockchain will contribute to the growth and widespread adoption of the game, given the enthusiasm surrounding the Terra project at the moment.

In the past weeks, the Terra Classic network has gained traction, with enthusiasts looking for more ways to revive the project’s glory days. 

As reported by TheCryptoBasic, Binance said it would implement a burn mechanism that would burn LUNC fees on spot and margin trading pairs.

Despite the announcement, enthusiasts of the network are still anticipating new initiatives to bolster the widespread adoption of the classic network tokens, LUNC and USTC. Interestingly, MetaRivals’ upcoming launch is just one of many efforts to boost LUNC adoption.

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