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Most Complex CCG Of All Time? As Team Shares More Shiba Inu Game Details Ahead Of Official Launch 


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Shiba Inu releases more details about the game.  

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With Shiba Eternity set to officially launch tomorrow, the team has shared more details about the game in a bid to showcase the features of the Play-to-Earn (P2E) game. 

In a tweet today, Shiba listed the features of the game, which include 500 collectible cards, 10,000 Shiboshis, 21 special back powers, 11 passive powers, 87 card traits, etc. These mouthwatering features of Shiba Eternity will give players infinite possibilities within the game, Shiba Inu noted in a tweet. 

With all these features integrated into Shiba Eternity, the team behind the canine-themed cryptocurrency project asked its followers whether the game is the most complex collectible card game launched. 

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“Could the Shiba Eternity game be the most complex CCG ever launched?” Shiba Inu quizzed its followers. 

Shiba Eternity is one of the projects Shiba Inu is working on to shred its memecoin title. After extensively testing the game in Vietnam and Australia, the Shiba Inu team noted that the game will make its global launch tomorrow

The official Shiba Eternity worldwide Download Day has been scheduled for Oct 6, 2022,” Shiba Inu said in a statement last month. 

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