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Ethereum Scaling Solution Polygon Launches Its zkEVM Public Testnet 


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Polygon has finally launched the public testnet for its zkEVM solution.

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Since its inception as an Ethereum scaling solution to address the low throughput and high fees faced with the blockchain, Polygon has consistently made several improvements. Following the introduction of its EVM-compatible zk-rollup solution, Polygon has finally launched the public testnet for the zkEVM.

Polygon announced the launch of the public testnet via its official Twitter handle and website in the late hours of today. 

“When we unveiled Polygon #zkEVM in July, it was a milestone not only for Polygon, but also for Ethereum & Web3. We’re proud to announce Polygon zkEVM Public Testnet, the world’s 1st open source zkEVM network,” Polygon noted in a tweet. 

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The solution is open-source, and per information from the official blog post, the launch of the public testnet will give developers from the community the opportunity to try out the solution, and share feedback on areas of improvements or bugs noticed.

Notwithstanding, as a means to expedite the testing process, Polygon has welcomed four specific platforms to test the solution. These include DeFi platforms, Aave and Uniswap; gaming studio, Midnight Society; and Web3 social media platform, Lens Protocol.

Recall that Polygon introduced the zkEVM solution to the crypto community sometime in July, as previously reported. While zero-knowledge rollups have been utilized by several platforms to improve blockchain scalability, Polygon’s approach launched a zk-rollups solution compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). 

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Polygon’s zkEVM combines the scaling potentials of zk-rollups with the versatility of the EVM to produce a universal solution for improved scalability. This makes Polygon’s solution compatible with any platform that is capable of using Ethereum. 

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