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Neblio Becomes An Official Supporter Of Terra Classic (LUNC)

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The Terra Rebels will receive support from Neblio in its goal to rebuild the Terra Classic chain.

In a tweet on Monday, the Terra Rebels, via its official Twitter account, disclosed that Neblio, a leading enterprise blockchain, has become its official supporter.

Notably, Neblio will be an advisor and support the developers’ team in infrastructure and finance.

“Terra Rebels is proud to announce that NebliTeam has become our Official Supporter, providing infrastructure, financial & advisory support to help us deliver on our core mission to maintain the Terra Classic blockchain on behalf of the Terra Classic Community,” read the announcement.

Neblio also announced the partnership.


It is worth noting that Neblio is an enterprise blockchain platform to make the development of decentralized applications (DApps) easier. In addition, the platform also provides support and consultation services for other blockchains.

The partnership with the Terra Rebels could offer a plurality of benefits to the Terra Classic chain:

  • It is likely to incentivize DApp development.
  • It could help tackle issues related to a lack of compensation for developers.
  • Financial incentives could help attract new development talent.

Notably, these have been key challenges plaguing the revival of the network. Last week, the shortage of development talent and financial incentives was made painfully clear when Terra Classic core developer Tobias Andersen, AKA Zaradar, threatened to censor the chain. Moreover, many have dubbed the network a ghost chain because of the lack of functional DApps.

However, the latter narrative is not likely to hold up for long as at least 18 DApps are actively building to launch on the chain. Meanwhile, this number is expected to see a massive boost once the chain achieves full Cosmos compatibility and technological parity with Luna v2.

It bears mentioning that, as reported by The Crypto Basic, the Terra Classic network is expected to become fully Cosmos-compatible, with the v23 upgrade expected in December. Meanwhile, the Terra Rebels are working with Cosmos developer Jacob Gadikian to achieve technological parity with Luna v2. Edward Kim believes the network will achieve this well before mid-2023.

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Mark Brennan
Mark Brennan
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