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Terra Founder Set To Disclose Why He Refused To Return To South Korea As Laura Shin Confirms Interview Date


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Laura Shin confirms the date for the Do Kwon interview following his acceptance to appear on her podcast.

In a tweet today, popular crypto journalist Laura Shin confirmed that her interview with Terra founder Do Kwon would happen on Friday morning.

Notably, the journalist has requested that users submit questions in her DM.

“I’m interviewing Do Kwon Friday morning,” said Shin. “If you have questions to suggest, my DMs are open.”

As reported by The Crypto Basic a week ago, Terra Founder Do Kwon accepted Shin’s invitation to appear as a guest on her podcast to disclose why he has failed to return to South Korea.

Notably, Trustless media co-founder and Coinage host Zack Guzman, the last journalist to interview the Terra founder, disclosed in an episode of Shin’s Unchained podcast that Kwon had expressed the sentiment that he may be reluctant to return to South Korea should capital market charges be brought against him. Consequently, Shin asked Kwon on Twitter if that was why he had so far failed to return to face charges against him, to which the founder opted to discuss the matter in her podcast.

It bears mentioning that South Korean Authorities believe that Kwon is on the run after the Terra founder supposedly fled Singapore following the issuance of an arrest warrant against him by South Korean authorities. As a result, prosecutors have obtained an Interpol red notice to aid his arrest. However, despite all of these, Kwon remains at large.

Kwon is wanted for charges of fraud in relation to the Terra ecosystem collapse and a breach of the Capital Markets Act, implying that authorities now classify Luna as security.

It is worth noting that despite the charges against him and the mounting desire for his arrest by prosecutors, Kwon has maintained an active online presence. Additionally, the Terra founder has not shied away from commenting on the case and giving interviews.

While some see him as brave, others worry that the continued disclosure will only serve to hurt his case and is likely not sit well with his legal advisors. Meanwhile, some believe that the founder may have given up on legal recourse and turned his efforts to the court of public opinion.

The crypto community has received the confirmation of the interview date with excitement, as no doubt many people still have burning questions about the Terra collapse that threatened to bring down the entire industry and wiped away investments.

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