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Terra Classic (LUNC) Community Passes New Proposal Decreasing Burn Tax From 1.2% To 0.2%


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The Terra Classic community passes proposal 5234 in hopes of bringing back on-chain volume and incentivizing development.

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The Terra Classic community passed proposal 5234 on Monday after a week of voting and debates.

Notably, the proposer, a community member known as Akujiro, confirmed the development in a tweet yesterday.

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LUNC developer Alex Forshaw giving details about how the vote went, reveals that the proposal attracted about 83% community participation, even without 58 of the network’s 85 validators. Notably, about 92% of non-abstainers voted for the proposal.

It is worth noting that proposal 5234 suggests that the community should slash the 1.2% tax burn parameter to 0.2% while channeling 10% of the tax obtained to the community pool to fund development activities. For proponents, it is a desperate attempt to attract lost on-chain volume and development while still being able to burn LUNC rapidly. Unfortunately, LUNC on-chain volume has declined over 90% since the 1.2% tax parameter went live.

It is worth noting that the new tax parameter will go live with the new epoch, estimated at around 12:50 pm UTC on October 19.

While the proposal initially faced resistance from some in the community who felt it was too early, it also received support from influential community members. For example, it received approval from KuCoin, Edward Kim, Alex Forshaw, TerraCVita, and community influencer Classy Crypto.

It bears mentioning that there are also hopes that the tax burn parameter reduction may also encourage exchanges to burn LUNC from trading activity. Notably, Binance chief Changpeng Zhao told the community in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session that the lower the fees, the greater the burn. The leading exchange has so far burnt about 11 billion LUNC from its 0.1% trading fee, more than the 6.5 billion obtained from the 1.2% tax within the same period.

As reported by The Crypto Basic yesterday, LUNC core developer Edward Kim has proposed that the community start a grants program to allocate the funds in the community pool efficiently.

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