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Crypto.Com Announces Support for Flare Token Airdrop For XRP Holders


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Crypto.Com will also participate in the upcoming Flare token (FLR) airdrop exercise.

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As the distribution date for Flare (FLR) tokens to Ripple (XRP) holders edges closer, top cryptocurrency exchanges have started declaring their support for the airdrop. Huobi Japan announced in August that it would support FLR airdrop for XRP holders. Now, Crypto.Com, a leading cryptocurrency trading platform, said it would support FLR tokens distribution for XRP holders.

“Crypto.com is supporting the Flare (FLR) airdrop for XRP holders from supported jurisdictions,” the exchange stated.

According to the announcement, FLR will be distributed based on the balance of its XRP holders as of the time a snapshot was taken on December 12, 2020, at 00:00 UTC. 

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Flare Token Airdrop

The Flare token distribution is one of the most discussed events in the Ripple community. XRP holders have been anticipating the airdrop since last year. However, the exercise was stalled by several events linked to the Flare project. 

Earlier this year, Flare Network CEO Hugo Philon disclosed that an upgrade of Songbird caused the delay in Flare’s launch and the distribution of FLR. 

“For all those asking where their FLR is. We are upgrading Songbird, before the end of March 2022, with the final two protocols required before the Flare launch. This will then allow us to proceed with the Flare launch…” 

After launching its network validator code, Flare announced that it would distribute FLR tokens to XRP holders between October 24, 2022, and November 6, 2022.

Despite scheduling a date for FLR distribution, the team behind the project said the exercise would be determined by its ability to attract a good number of validators.

“Provided sufficient validators have taken up their role, the Token Distribution Event will take place between 24th October and 6th November.” 

Recall that NEXO confirmed support of the FLR airdrop on OCT 6th.

Binance also affirmed support for Spark airdrop on Nov 2020, but after the announcement, the Spark Airdrop Program was canceled since FLR became the native token of the Flare Network instead of Spark. Binance, at that time, said they would make a new announcement in support of the FLR airdrop.

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