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Terra (LUNA) Becomes Most Searched Crypto In 14 American States


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Terra’s popularity surges in the United States.

Data Shows 14 US States Are Interested in Terra (LUNA), While Shiba Inu Is the Most Searched Crypto in New Hampshire.

Since the cryptocurrency market collapsed in April, many people are seeking to take advantage of the price crash and invest in selected cryptocurrencies in anticipation of a bull market.  Despite the fall of the Terra ecosystem, Google Trend data show that many Americans are still interested in the project.

According to Google data compiled by Fintech Times, Terra (LUNA) is the second most popular cryptocurrency in the United States after Bitcoin.

Per the data, over 14 states in the United States conducted online searches for Terra more than any other cryptocurrency. The 14 states that searched for Terra Luna include Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Washington. 

“This study offers insight into where American crypto investors are thinking of investing most, with Bitcoin taking the lead but Terra Luna being watched closely as it plans to make a comeback,” the report noted.

Why Are Americans Interested in Terra? 

It will not come as a shock to many to see a growing interest in Terra among investors. Since the collapse of the Terra ecosystem, the team behind the project and investors have been looking for ways to revive the project.

While TerraForm Labs plans on compensating investors through Terra 2.0 initiatives, the community chose to stick with the classic tokens – LUNC and USTC.

The Terra Classic community has made lots of progress to revive the value of LUNC. The major step to make this a reality is to burn a portion of LUNC’s total supply. So far, the community is making significant progress in that regard. 

According to data published by LUNC Burn, an unofficial account that tracks all LUNC burns, 24.14 billion Terra Classic have been incinerated. 

The continuous burn efforts have continued to draw the attention of Americans to Terra.

Other Cryptos

Terra is not the only crypto Americans are interested in. USA Residents are also interested in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, etc.

Bitcoin led with 15 states googling it most. Ethereum got six states searching it most, Dogecoin 6, Pancat 2, and Tether 2, While Shiba Inu, Cardano, and Ripple were most searched in only one state each, respectively.

“Most popular Cryptocurrency by State since April 2022
State Most Googled Cryptocurrency 
Alabama Terra Luna
Alaska Bitcoin
Arizona Pancat
Arkansas Terra Luna
California Terra Luna
Colorado Terra Luna
Connecticut Ethereum
Delaware Gemini
Florida Pancat
Georgia Terra Luna
Hawaii Bitcoin
Idaho Dogecoin
Illinois Terra Luna
Indiana Ethereum
Iowa Bitcoin
Kansas Bitcoin
Kentucky Dogecoin
Louisiana Bitcoin
Maine Bitcoin
Maryland Tether
Massachusetts Terra Luna
Michigan Algorand
Minnesota Cardano
Mississippi Ethereum
Missouri Ethereum
Montana Bitcoin
Nebraska Dogecoin
Nevada Terra Luna
New Hampshire Shiba Inu
New Jersey Terra Luna
New Mexico Bitcoin
New York Terra Luna
North Carolina Terra Luna
North Dakota Bitcoin
Ohio Ripple
Oklahoma Bitcoin
Oregon Dogecoin
Pennsylvania Terra Luna
Rhode Island Ethereum
South Carolina Dogecoin
South Dakota Bitcoin
Tennessee Terra Luna
Texas Tether
Utah Bitcoin
Vermont Bitcoin
Virginia Ethereum
Washington Terra Luna
West Virginia Bitcoin
Wisconsin Dogecoin
Wyoming Bitcoin”

Data Source: https://thefintechtimes.com/terra-luna-has-more-searches-in-more-states-than-ethereum-as-top-crypto-for-each-state-revealed/

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