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Seize The Opportunity In The Most Expandable Industry!


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Stackspace announces the launch of the first round of fundraising. This is an opportunity not to be missed.

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Users buying and transferring digital assets are forced to use multiple platforms running on different blockchains. Currently, there is no place where spot NFTs can be easily traded and monitored, regardless of which blockchain they belong to. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to select GameFi projects for investment, highlighting the need for specialized platforms with stricter listing requirements and communities with decision-making rights. By simplifying the use of the NFT space and mandating a high standard for listing GameFi projects, they are creating a heterogeneous space based on efficiency and security.
Stackspace is a unique multi-chain platform designed to serve as a marketplace for NFTs and assets from various games, while also serving as a launchpad for upcoming Web 3.0 games.

It is an ecosystem that connects users from different platforms through the multi-chainfunction. At launch, the platform will work on the blockchains of Binance, Solana, Etherum and Poligon. The next step is to implement the feature to transfer assets between all four blockchains. Their goal is to become the leader in the NFT industry. By bringing users to the Stackspace platform, they will benefit from the advantages of the major marketplaces, all in one place. The marketplace will enable the creation, listing, and bidding of NFTs on various blockchains in one place. Users will be able to view the entire transaction history of an asset to calculate a quick price increase. NFTs are now transferable from one blockchain to another, which is an innovation for NFT enthusiasts.
On Stackspace Launchpad, GameFi projects will run on different blockchains with assets traded on our marketplace. To ensure a high standard, listing requirements will be very strict and projects will be voted on by our community via the DAO system, thus attracting interest from developers and investors.

The Stackspace platform allows anyone to participate in and grow the thriving play-and-earn economy, including (but not limited to) DAO members, token-stakers, and gamers. Crypto games have established themselves as some of the most successful blockchain products, and consequently game items and tokens have become incredibly valuable. Stackspace also serves as a dedicated launchpad for Metaverse games and their assets. These assets can be avatars, lands, weapons, and other items, many with different utilities and purposes, all minted as NFTs to ensure uniqueness and verifiable ownership.
Most importantly, the $STSP platform gives stackers early access to IGOs launch. Stackspace DAO initially raises capital by exchanging fiat for STSP tokens. This STSP token represents members voting rights and ownership of projectshares. If Stackspace DAO is successful, the value of the STSP token increases. Stackspace DAO can then issue future tokens at a higher value to raise more capital. Stackspace DAO may also invest in assets if members approve such actions.

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