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Doge Surges As Elon Musk New Tweet Confirms Dogecoin Twitter Acceptance Is Close


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Elon Musk makes the dogecoin pump again.

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Dogecoin pumped hard after Elon Musk’s recent tweets where Doge is wearing a Twitter shirt. Due to the ever-lasting Elon effect on dogecoin, Dogecoin raced from 12 cents to 15 cents in minutes, up 16% in no time.

Recall that Elon has already shown interest in monetizing and compensating content creators on Twitter.

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Should Twitter start compensating content creators, there is a tendency that the social media platform will add cryptos to its list of supported payment methods. If Dogecoin is added as a method to compensate content creators, it would surely be a big boost for the world’s top meme coin.  Recall that Twitter added a Bitcoin tipping feature in September last year and Ethereum tippling in Feb 2022.

Musk is now Twitter CEO, thus making it easier for him to support DOGE across various Twitter features. Being Twitter boss Elon can also enable doge payments for Twitter Blue.

As we have seen that Elon musk’s Telsa, Space X, Boring Company, and Burnt Hair all accept dogecoin, so it is only a matter of time before Doge will be integrated with Twitter.

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