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Popular Terra Classic Validator Opts For Grand Satire In Response To Claims That Do Kwon controls It

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LUNC DAO chooses to respond to critics with humor as it pushes for technological parity with LUNAv2.

LUNC DAO, the Terra Classic network’s fourth-largest validator, has opted to take a satirical approach in response to criticisms and claims that Do Kwon controls it.

In a tweet moments ago, the group shared a 6-minute clip of Coach Bruce Wrangler, a possible LUNC DAO CEO, who describes himself as a “Cult Leader” at LUNC DAO, giving wild and comic analysis to support recent criticisms and claims.

“… I’ve programmed bots that track the activity of LUNC DAO and the Do Kwon Twitter page, and they never post at the same time, they’re always awake in the same timezone, and I’ve also done a 95% confidence interval for timeline of posting daily for the last three months, and it always aligns,” said Wrangler. “There’s no doubt in my mind, and also look at the agendas. If LUNC DAO wished to make as much profit as possible in the short term, they would strongly reject Do Kwon, yet they don’t care.”

The latest responses from the validator come as groups within the Terra Classic community express outrage at the possibility of the classic chain being associated with or operating pseudo-symbiotically with the LUNAv2 chain and developers being paid from the $4 million in off-chain funds. Notably, LUNC DAO has been championing the benefits of both.

According to LUNC DAO, Terra Classic achieving technological parity with the new Terra chain will allow projects building on the new chain to deploy easily on the classic network to take advantage of the budding user base. Consequently, LUNC DAO has asserted that the classic chain’s progress depends on LUNAv2. 

Additionally, the validator speaking on the benefit of paying developers with newly discovered off-chain funds noted that it was necessary as spending from the multisig wallet could open them to lawsuits.

However, as highlighted above, users who remain unsurprisingly apprehensive of Do Kwon have not taken too kindly to these sentiments claiming Kwon is pulling the strings to repair his reputation. Additionally,  there are those like Vegas who believe that the decentralized approach would be to send the funds to the community pool.

As reported by The Crypto Basic on November 2, the Terra Classic development group, the Terra Rebels, revealed that it is on track to roll out the v23 upgrade in December. Notably, the update will make Terra Classic a fully interoperable Cosmos chain again, with technological parity to the LUNAv2 network.

Developers have touted the coming upgrade as a breakthrough for the network trying to chart a path to recovery following the ecosystem collapse in May. Core developer Edward Kim disclosed that it would significantly boost the number of projects on the chain, ushering in improved utility.

The community remains in a heated debate over how the $4 million in off-chain funds should be distributed. 

Despite recent criticisms, it bears mentioning that LUNC DAO has been integral to the revival effort of the Terra Classic chain. For example, a video shared today as part of its response to recent attacks shows Kim recounting how the network would never have been able to re-enable staking without LUNC DAO. Notably, the group was able to pull strings to get a Terraform Labs employee to upgrade critical infrastructure before the Rebels could roll out the v22 update, which re-introduced staking.

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