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Fox Reporter Dispels Claims of Settlement Between Ripple and SEC Tomorrow


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Prominent Fox reporter Eleanor Terrett has dispelled public claims made by Fox, which suggested that a settlement between Ripple and the SEC is expected tomorrow.

Eleanor Terrett, notable journalist and producer for Charlie Gasparino at Fox, has come up to publicly debunk claims made on Fox Business which implied that Ripple Labs and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are expecting a settlement regarding the seemingly incessant litigation between the two entities.

The claim was made by Polish journalist and bitcoin maximalist Natalie Brunnel on Fox Business in the early hours of Monday. Taking to Twitter, Terrett noted that the claim was false, revealing that she had spoken with a spokesperson from Ripple on the matter.

“Per a Ripple spokesperson, this morning’s report on an expected settlement between Ripple and the SECGov tomorrow (11/15) is false,” she remarked in a tweet a few hours following the public claim. 

Gasparino also shared a tweet about the false settlement news.


Recall that Brunnel, speaking on the recent FTX situation on Fox Business this morning, highlighted a few pointers from the litigation between Ripple and the SEC. Brunnel’s comments on the matter insinuated that both parties were expecting a settlement tomorrow.

“It is interesting to see what the verdict will be […] the big thing I want people to remember no matter what happens tomorrow is, right now, you can go to Twitter or Google, and you can find Ripple’s CEO. And Ripple is the largest holder of its token. Sound familiar?” Brunnel noted.

The recent comments from Terrett, which debunked the claim, have sparked several reactions amongst Ripple proponents and the community, with some individuals seizing an opportunity to jab at mainstream media.


Notably, attorney John Deaton and XRP investor mentioned that he would look to Terrett for information amongst all Fox reporters if talks for a settlement surfaced. Notwithstanding, he noted that he does not mean disrespecting the vast majority of reporters the media network has.

“No disrespect to others at FoxBusiness, in fact, much love, but if there were real talks of a settlement, I’d ask EleanorTerrett,” he commented. Deaton has been thoroughly invested in the Ripple case, contributing his quota as an amicus curiae in the lawsuit at different stages to represent XRP holders.


Meanwhile, despite noting that it is unlikely to happen, Deaton expressed his fear of an unfair ultimate judgment in favor of the SEC should judge Analisa Torres base her ruling on the claim that Ripple offered unregistered securities, even if it is not proven that the entity sold unregistered securities.

Deaton cited the recently-concluded LBRY case with the SEC, which saw a ruling in favor of the regulatory watchdog, as LBRY disclosed in a series of tweets last Monday. Notwithstanding, LBRY asserted that the ruling sets off a bad precedent for the cryptocurrency industry, as several assets can now be regarded as unregistered securities.

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