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Dogecoin Community Raises $40K to Build Statue In Honour Of The Dog Behind DOGE Mascot Inspiration


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The DOGE community edges closer to creating a statue for the dog behind the inspiration of the Dogecoin mascot. 

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According to a press release today, members of the Dogecoin community are participating in a month-long crowdfunding campaign to create a bronze statue for Kabosu, the Japanese dog behind the inspiration of the DOGE mascot. 

Details of the Crowdfunding Campaign

The move is an effort to celebrate the 17th birthday of Kabosu, which took place on November 2, 2022. Per the press release, the crowdfunding campaign was also flagged off on Kabosu’s birthday and will run until December 6, 2022. Notably, the target for the crowdfunding campaign is $42,069. 

The initiative is being spearheaded by the Dogecoin Foundation, Own The DOGE, and Atsuko Sato (Kabosu’s mother). It bears mentioning that, less than 72 hours after the campaign was flagged off, the Dogecoin community raised $32,000. 

However, following the collapse of the FTX exchange, which wreaked havoc on the entire crypto market, the valuation of DOGE and other tokens the community had crowdfunded for the project slumped tremendously. 

Despite the massive slump in the amount raised, which was caused by the FTX exchange collapse, members of the Dogecoin community are still committed to reaching the project’s target of $42,069. 

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Once the target is met, the organizers of the project intend to continue crowdfunding to raise more funds that will aid the creation of a bigger statue for Kabosu. 

The statue will be placed in Sakura Furusato Square Japan, a picturesque park where Kabosu’s mother takes her for walks, the press release read. The location of the statue will be dubbed DOGE Mecca, a physical location where Dogecoin enthusiasts who hold Kabosu in high esteem can go, to pay tribute. In addition, plans are also being made to place a sister statue on the moon. 

Commenting on the development, Gary Lachance, a board member of the Dogecoin Foundation, said: 

”It’s quite a thrill to see this long-held dream of the Doge community finally being realized. Kabosu has inspired so much laughter and goodwill. It is a great honor to serve her and help to enshrine the legacy of the most beloved and impactful meme in all human history!” 

Call For Donations

Members of the Dogecoin community who are interested in donating to the project are urged to visit BronzeTheDoge.xyz to make their donations in DOGE, Ethereum (ETH), and other ERC-20 tokens. 

“For Kabosu’s 17th Birthday, we are crowdfunding AN EPIC BRONZE STATUE in a park in Kabosu’s hometown in Sakura, Japan. We are calling upon all Doge fans and communities to come together and make this a reality!” information on BronzeTheDoge.xyz read.  

At the time of writing, the Dogecoin community has raised $40,376 from a total of 245 donations. 

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