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Judge Torres Approves 11 Amicus Briefs, 9 Supporting Ripple, 2 SEC


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Judge Analisa Torres OKs 11 Amicus Briefs in Ripple vs. SEC Lawsuit.

The new order shows that Judge Torres has approved more amicus briefs in the Ripple case.

U.S. District Judge Analisa Torres has approved requests by different entities to file amicus curiae briefs in the ongoing lawsuit between the SEC and Ripple. Former federal prosecutor James K. Filan shared a copy of the order on Twitter.

According to the order, the trade associations and firms whose amicus briefs motions were granted include the Crypto Council for Innovation (CCI), Attorney John Deaton (on behalf of XRP holders), Valhil Capital, Cryptillian Payment Systems, and Veri DAO LLC.

Other entities that got their amicus curiae brief motions approved include Coinbase, Reaper Financial, Accredify Inc (DBA InvestReady), New Sports Economy Institute (NSEI), Blockchain Association (the Association), and Paradigm Operations.

Non-Parties Have Until November 18 to File Amicus Briefs

Following the recent approval, Judge Torres ordered the entities to file their amicus curiae briefs on or before November 18, 2022.

“Accordingly, the requests to file amicus curiae briefs are granted. By November 18, 2022, the Association, six XRP holders, Coinbase, the CCI, Valhil, Cryptillian, Veri DAO, Reaper Financial, InvestReady, NSEI, and Paradigm shall file their briefs,” the order read.

As reported today by TheCryptoBasic, San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has already filed its brief in support of Ripple’s Fair Notice Defense.

An amicus brief is filed by an entity not a party to a lawsuit. The main objective of the brief is to provide the court with additional information, insights, or expertise that borders around the issues of the legal case.

Amicus Curiae Briefs in the Ripple vs. SEC Lawsuit  

It is worth mentioning that Judge Torres had set a deadline of November 11, 2022, for all parties to indicate interest in filing amicus curiae briefs. Before the deadline elapsed, 16 entities, comprising payment-related firms and trade associations, had filed motions requesting to file amicus briefs in the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit. Interestingly, Judge Torres approved all requests made by these non-parties.

Of the 16 entities, 13 support Ripple, while two threw their weight behind the SEC. However, only the Chamber of Digital Commerce chose to be neutral in its request to file an amicus curiae brief. 

The entities that have filed or will be filing amicus briefs in support of Ripple include: 

I-Remit, TapJets, Investor Choice Advocates Network (ICAN), SpendTheBits, Blockchain Association, Attorney John Deaton on behalf of XRP holders, Crypto Council for Innovation, Cryptillian Payment Systems, Veri DAO, Reaper Financial, Paradigm Operations, Coinbase, and Valhil Capital.

InvestReady and the new Sports Economy Institute are the entities in support of the SEC.

As noted in the corrected scheduling update of the lawsuit, both the SEC and Ripple will file their respective replies to the amicus briefs on or before November 30, alongside their temporarily sealed replies to each other’s summary judgment motions.

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