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Casino Coming To Terra Classic With Ability To Burn 26B LUNC


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Developers have hinted that a Casino that supports LUNC burning may be coming to the network soon.

A new casino may be looking to launch on the Terra Classic network in time for the FIFA World Cup, according to a tweet from Terra Classic developer Rex Harrison AKA Rexzy, today.

“9/4 favorite that a new casino will soon be in town supporting Terra Classic and burning LUNC,” Harrison wrote. “LUNC might even score for the FIFA World Cup.”

Independent Terra Classic development group TerraCVita appeared to confirm the speculation by Rexzy. In a tweet, the group highlighted that a popular casino could burn as much as 24 billion Terra Luna Classic in 6 months, almost as much as the entire community has managed to burn in the last six months.

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“That’s just one dApp that can burn nearly as much as all LUNC burned in the last six months,” the group wrote. “Imagine what a thriving ecosystem could burn.”


It is currently unclear if they are building the decentralized application or if another entity is building it. However, projects building on the Terra Classic network rapidly increased, and the v23 upgrade has not even rolled out.

Developers have scheduled the upgrade for December and have maintained that it is on schedule to roll out. It promises to make the network fully Cosmos interoperable with technological parity with LUNAv2. Consequently, developers expect a massive increase in the number of projects building on and for the network to attract its budding community.

The hint of a casino launch on the chain comes less than 24 hours after the TerraCVita confirmed that they are on track to launch a decentralized exchange on the network. 

Notably, the network already has a lottery game built by the Terra Rebels, another independent development group. The lottery game called Moonshot has already burned about 18.5 million LUNC after two rounds spanning two weeks. Assuming an average of 9 million in LUNC burns weekly, it could burn 216 million LUNC in 6 months. It is worth considering that some people are unaware of the game.

Should the Terra Classic network find a way to continue to attract and build several DApps actively used by the community, the desired decline in LUNC could happen rapidly.

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