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Do Kwon: TFL Is Willing To Include LUNC Community In Future LUNA Collaborations

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Do Kwon asserts support for the Terra Classic network in a recent AMA.

According to tweets from Terra Classic influencer Classy, embattled Terraform Labs founder Do Kwon has pledged support for the Terra Classic community in a recent Ask Me Anything session.

Kwon has asserted that TFL is willing to work with and include the Terra Classic community in future collaborations.

“We’re happy to include the LUNC community in many future LUNA collaborations,” Classy quotes Kwon.

In addition, the TFL founder asserted that it would continue to maintain Terra Station for the Terra Classic community putting to bed concerns to the contrary and confirming previous reports by The Crypto Basic.

“We’ll maintain Terra Station for the LUNC community as long as it takes. We’re comfortable doing it for the foreseeable future,” Kwon said per Classy’s tweets.

It is worth noting that Kwon’s statements about future LUNAv2 and Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) collaborations are potentially bullish for the Terra Classic community as it implies that more projects could build for the classic chain.

It bears mentioning that the classic network is already working to achieve technological parity with the LUNAv2 chain, with its v23 upgrade scheduled for December. Many believe the move will lead to increased on-chain activity as projects building on LUNAv2 can quickly deploy on the classic chain to attract its active community.

Per a previous report, influential Terra Classic validator LUNC DAO asserted that the future of the classic chain depends on the growth of LUNAv2.

The Elephant In The Room 

While Kwon has expressed the willingness to work with the Terra Classic community, it is not clear that the community would be willing to work with TFL.

Understandably, some community members still hold grudges against the TFL founder. While some believe he bears some culpability in the Terra ecosystem collapse or hoodwinked investors with false claims, others think the founder should have worked to rebuild the classic chain instead of launching a new blockchain.

Kwon has continued to insist on no wrongdoing while asserting that he sympathizes with investors. Kwon has expressed the belief that airdropping LUNA tokens to holders and working to establish the new chain is the best way to make investors whole.

The whereabouts of Kwon remain unknown as South Korean authorities have issued an arrest warrant for the crypto founder with unconfirmed claims of an Interpol red notice as well.

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