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Ripple Partner Novatti And Sydney-based Group Collaborates to Deliver Pioneering Payment Solutions


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The partnership with DataMesh Group will help provide Novatti’s clients with an innovative brand of card-focused payment processing system.

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DataMesh Group, a Sydney-based firm that provides merchant payment systems and data processing solutions, has partnered with Ripple’s ODL Partner, Novatti. The partnership will introduce Novatti’s large client base with a robust payments system provided by DataMesh Group.


The development was highlighted by an Australian local media outlet on FinTech reports today. Being a leading provider of payment processing systems, DataMesh Group offerings a wide array of perks relating to payment solutions that Novatti would leverage for its clients. These include nascent Android-focused terminals, quick access to the newest and latest payment solutions, top data insights, and access to transaction data in real time.

DataMesh Group’s merchant clients will also be able to utilize the payment processing options provided by Novatti. Novatti helps to link merchants with virtual and face-to-face payment systems under one multifaceted e-commerce platform. With Novatti’s offerings, merchants can provide their client’s different payment methods, such as direct debit, credit cards, WeChat Pay and Alipay.

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Mark Nagy, CEO of DataMesh Group, noted that the firm is looking to assist merchants by taking care of all the financial processes that would otherwise have been a challenging aspect of business for them, leaving them to focus on their customers and handling other core aspects of the business. “This partnership will add to our multi-acquirer capabilities, giving merchants more options and peace of mind regarding their transactions,” he added.

Furthermore, the General Manager of Merchant Acquiring at Novatti, Kian Jackson, highlighted the significance of the face-to-face payment type within Novatti, noting that the Australian financial scene has witnessed an enormous growth of payment terminal provisions, with a massive adoption rate of contactless payments.

“Our partnership with DataMesh Group puts Novatti in a unique position offering merchants one platform and connecting online and face-to-face payments in one system through unified commerce,” Jackson disclosed.

Novatti Became a Ripple ODL Partner Last Year

Launched in 2015 by Peter Cook, Novatti aims to bolster effective payment solutions and provide a unified commerce offering for merchants. In the past few years, the firm has made several moves that have contributed immensely to its development. One such move was partnering with Ripple to utilize its On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) solution.

Novatti sealed a spot in Ripple’s ODL global payment network in April of last year as it looked to utilize XRP – Ripple’s native token – in facilitating quick and cost-effective cross-border settlements. Novatti’s utilization of RippleNet would help make its cross-border payment settlements faster, more reliable, and more cost-friendly for its clients.

Last month, Novatti finally acquired a banking license for its subsidiary, the International Bank of Australia (IBoA), from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), as previously reported.

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