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Terra Classic V23 Upgrade Has Already Been Delivered, Says Terra Rebels


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Raider70 says the Terra Rebels have already delivered the V23 upgrade.

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Developers have rolled out the Terra Classic v23 upgrade, says Terra Rebels member and Terra Classic core developer Raider70.

Community influencer Classy (@ClassyCrypto_) made this known in a tweet today, sharing a Discord message from the developer. Raider70 said the V23 upgrade was delivered when Edward Kim and an external team of developers re-opened Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) channels. 

The developer clarified that the upgrade, which will bring the Terra Classic network on par with other Cosmos chains, including LUNAv2, is still in the works. Edward Kim is working with the Terra Rebels on the budget for the upgrade dubbed v2.0.3, said Raider70.

Recall that in October, Raider70 said the V23 upgrade would make the Terra Classic network fully Cosmos interoperable with the CosWasm upgrade. However, it now appears that it is separate from upgrades to bring technological parity.

As previously reported, the Terra Rebels have moved to a paid working model. Consequently, it would not be surprising to see a community pool spend proposal when developers are done working on the budget for the parity upgrades.

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The Terra Rebels have already received 937.5 million Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) to make the Rebel Station independent of Terraform Labs’ infrastructure. So far, the funds have been the subject of controversy within the community.

Notably, with full Cosmos interoperability, Terra Classic community members can find new use cases for their LUNC holdings within the Cosmos ecosystem. This is because developers on other chains could build to accept a wrapped version of the token to attract the budding community. However, technological parity will allow developers to deploy decentralized apps for LUNAv2 on the classic chain easily.

Developers like Kim believe fixing the chain is the fastest way to attract utility on-chain. There is speculation that Kim is set to launch a separate development group with Zaradar.

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