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Millions Of Terra Classic Burned As Single Validator Burns 100% of His LUNC Commissions


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Classy Crypto burned 100% of his Validator Commission and all the profit from YouTube ads of LUNC videos for the month.

Classy Crypto, a prominent Terra Classic (LUNC) community member and seasoned YouTuber, recently demonstrated his commitment to contributing to the LUNC burn campaign, as 100% of the commission realized from running his LUNC validator, Classy’s Crypto Sphere, was incinerated in a single burn transaction, along with extra tokens.

Classy disclosed the development through his official Twitter handle in the late hours of Tuesday. According to the tweet, the total commission generated from running the validator amounted to 8M LUNC. Notwithstanding, up to 12.7M LUNC tokens were incinerated by the influencer, as he included some extras.

“LUNC BURN TIME!  WE’VE OFFICIALLY BURNT 100% OF OUR LUNC VALIDATOR COMMISSION (8M) & SOME EXTRA! 13 MILLION LUNA CLASSIC HAS BEEN BURNT (after .2% tax),” Classy remarked in the tweet, sharing proof of the transaction in a Terra Finder link. Classy also encouraged other community members to delegate to his validator Classy’s Crypto Sphere.

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A few hours later, Classy disclosed another commendable decision he had made. According to him, his team also incinerated all the profit realized from ads on his Terra Classic videos on YouTube in December. “FUN FACT: I also burnt all of the ad revenue our LUNC videos on YouTube have generated this month,” he revealed in a separate tweet.


Most community members have received the disclosure well, as several proponents laud the influencer’s efforts at supporting the burn initiative. Some have also revealed plans to delegate to his validator as a sign of appreciation.

In addition to the recent contribution, Classy has been an active member of the LUNC community, sharing insight on developments surrounding the asset through his YouTube channel and Twitter handle. Last Friday, he highlighted a few measures that could expedite Terra Classic’s journey to the $1 price mark, as previously reported

24 Hours Burns

Classy’s recent burn transaction is the most significant single burn in the past 24 hours, with the community witnessing the incineration of up to 13.1M tokens within the past day. The burn campaign remains sustained, with contributions coming in from all angles to ensure the asset’s supply is reduced.

The Crypto Basic revealed Monday that over 15M tokens were burned over the weekend. Following the latest burns, cumulative burn currently sits at 36,227,954,281 (36.2B) tokens, including tax burns. Last Friday, a Terra validator shared some insight on the number of tokens to be incinerated for the asset to reach $0.01. The estimate sits at 2 trillion LUNC tokens.

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