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Cryptocurrency In 10 Years


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What will happen to crypto in 10 years? We explain some of the top things that will happen in the cryptocurrency industry in the next decade.

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Cryptocurrencies have had remarkable growth and adoption in the past decade. The industry market cap peaked at over $3 trillion in 2022 as the number of cryptocurrencies jumped to over 20,000. In this period, the industry has had its ups and downs, especially with the collapse of leading players like FTX and Voyager Digital. Here is the outlook for cryptocurrencies in the next decade.

Crypto regulations to become clear

The past decade has been characterized by the overall lack of regulations in the industry. Most countries, including the United States and those in the European Union, have struggled to come up with guardrails for the industry. China, the second-biggest economy in the world by GDP, became one of the first countries to ban digital currencies.

In the next ten years, countries will have come with solid crypto regulations in place in a bid to protect retail investors and institutions. The urgency of these regulations came after the collapse of Terra, Voyager Digital, and FTX.

It is still too early to predict what these regulations will be. However, some of the top issues that will be covered will be financial audits of stablecoin providers. These regulations will be important because stablecoins like Tether and USD Coin have a pivotal role in the crypto industry.

Another part of the regulations will be on disclosures by centralized crypto exchanges like, Binance, and Coinbase. Furthermore, regulators may require regular stress tests, similar to those performed in large banks.

Cryptocurrency in 10 years: more adoption

Another key prediction for the crypto market in 10 years will be significant adoption. Recent studies among both retail and institutional investors showed that most of them expect that digital currencies will go mainstream in the next decade.

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Stablecoins, which lack the volatility associated with other types of cryptocurrencies, will lead this adoption. Many companies already accept stablecoins like Tether and USD Coin today.

There are several reasons why crypto adoption will continue growing in the coming years. First, cryptocurrencies are borderless, meaning that they can facilitate trade at a faster pace than fiat currencies.

Second, as the crypto industry evolves, transaction costs and speeds will dramatically decline. Indeed, some blockchains like Kadena and Avalanche can now process thousands of transactions per second (tps) at a minimal cost.

Third, cryptocurrencies are private. Digital coins like Monero and Dash have advanced privacy features that make transactions difficult to track. As users become more aware of how their data is used online, there is a likelihood that many of them will embrace privacy-focused coins.

Blockchain growth will continue

The next ten years will bring more use cases for the blockchain technology, which powers cryptocurrencies. Many large companies like IBM and Accenture are already building blockchain networks for their customers in all industries.

Some industries like supply chains, finance, and entertainment are already using blockchain to power some of their parts. For example, JP Morgan has an internal cryptocurrency known as JPM Coin that it uses to process transactions.

In entertainment, gaming companies will continually use the technology to run and monetize their games. Similarly, art companies will be using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to distribute and secure their products. Advertising will also move to the metaverse.


The crypto industry has had remarkable growth in the past few years. Analysts expect that the next decade will be crucial for the sector. They draw parallels between the blockchain sector and the bubble of the early 2000s. While some companies in the bubble collapsed, many others, like Google, Amazon, eBay, and Salesforce, thrived. Similarly, while many cryptocurrencies and crypto companies will collapse, some of the remaining ones will thrive.

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