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List Of Projects Building On Flare Networks Released


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The list contains up to 42 projects, including dApps, Metaverse apps and Gaming apps.

FTSO AU, a Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO) data provider on Songbird and Flare, has unveiled a curated list of exciting projects currently being built on the Songbird network and the Flare network. The list has been embedded on the recently-introduced Flare Builders platform and shows the high level of development the networks are witnessing of late.

A close look at the Flare Builders platform reveals a growing list of 42 projects currently being built on both networks, which suggests the increasing attention the networks are receiving from the broader crypto community. The platform also provides features users can leverage to include any project they are building on the networks by filling out an inbuilt form.

Out of the 42 projects, there are currently 4 DApps, including Pangolin and FTSO EU; 18 Ecosystem projects, which include FTSO AU and Ola Finance; 2 Gaming apps, Gala Games and Global eSports Federation; 1 Metaverse project, Metropolis World; 12 NFT projects, including marketplace NFTSO and rarity ranking app Neefty; 5 Utilities which include Flare Metrics and Songbird Domains.

The official Flare Builders Twitter handle has begun sharing more insight on each notable project hosted on the platform as of press time. The list will help community members discover and keep track of projects domiciled on the networks.

Developments on the Flare and Songbird Networks

The recent development is the latest of numerous moves the Songbird and Flare Networks have engaged in ahead of the full launch of the ecosystem and the upcoming FLR token distribution event for XRP holders. 

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Last Thursday, the Flare team revealed that voting for the first Songbird test proposal, Songbird Test Proposal 01 (STP.01), would be open this week on the recently-launched Flare Portal. STP.01 went live on GitHub on December 17, with the Flare Portal launched last Wednesday, The Crypto Basic reported last week.

Furthermore, last month, the Flare team also unveiled a list of exchanges that had declared support for the token distribution event (TDE), which would see FLR tokens airdropped to XRP holders. The TDE is slated to occur on January 9. A few weeks after the list was released, Coinbase declared its support for the TDE on December 13, with Uphold announcing support on the same day.

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