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Health Of Dog Who Inspired Dogecoin Is Improving With Community Support


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Kabosu the Doge is sick with liver disease and leukemia, and the Dogecoin community provides as much support as possible.

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The Dogecoin community has rallied behind Kabosu as the popular rescue dog battles leukemia – blood cancer – and acute cholangiohepatitis – a liver disease. Kabosu is the rescue dog that inspired the doge meme of 2013, which eventually birthed the Dogecoin meme asset in the same year.

Kabosu fell ill on December 24, being diagnosed with leukemia and cholangiohepatitis. The Dogecoin community immediately rallied behind her, attempting to provide support in whatever form possible.

The community had fundraised some money to erect a bronze statue for Kabosu as she clocked 17 last month, creating the “BronzeTheDoge” Twitter handle for the cause. On Thursday, Dogecoin founder Billy Markus asked if the community could use money from the fundraiser to assist the dog in the health battle.

In response, Tridog, a community member, noted that he has been in contact with Atsuko, the dog’s owner, and he will check to see if she needs any financial support. Tridog later disclosed that Atsuko requested only prayers from the community. He also sought to know if they could visualize their love and support for the Kabosu in art. 

Recall that Atsuko had sold an NFT of the 2013 doge meme for a whopping $4M last year. Notwithstanding, she donated the proceeds to a child charity, as recently disclosed by Markus. 

Kabosu’s Condition is Progressing 

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In a recent Instagram post, Atsuko provided an update on the rescue dog’s condition. According to the post, significant progress was noticed in her health five days after she fell ill. 

She completely finished her meal of chicken tenders. She drinks plenty of water,” Kabosumama, the official Instagram handle of the rescue dog, disclosed yesterday, “she no longer needs diapers as she can go to the bathroom on her own. I’m amazed how quickly she bounced back.

The owner further expressed gratitude to everyone who has been a pillar of support for the dog during these troubling times.

I thank you all for your prayers. The Miracle of Kabosu couldn’t have happened without your warm wishes and prayers,” the handle said in a recent tweet by the official Dogecoin handle.

The owner also revealed that she had taken the dog for a 5-minute walk in the sun.

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