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Bigger Entertainment CEO Says He is Glad Community Can Now See Shiba Inu Disputes


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Bigger Entertainment CEO Reacts to Recent Dispute Between Shiba Inu’s Lead Developer and a Core Member.

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Steven Cooper says he’s glad the community is finally seeing the truth come to light.

Steven Cooper, CEO, and founder of American music label Bigger Entertainment has reacted to the recent dispute between Shiba Inu’s lead developer Shytoshi Kusama and SHIB’s Discord core staff ShibaKraken.

Dispute Between Kusama and ShibaKraken

Recall that ShibaKraken and Kusama publicly slammed each other last weekend. The issue started after Kusama announced on Saturday that he had created a new Telegram group dedicated to sharing updates on Shibarium.

A few hours later, ShibaKraken accused Kusama of attempting a hostile takeover of the Shiba community by creating a new group for Shibarium. ShibaKraken noted that Shiba Inu’s lead developer removed some core members of the doggy-themed crypto project in an attempt to take over the community, adding that he will “not be joining” the Telegram group. It bears mentioning that ShibaKraken also alleged that Kusama is not a developer of the upcoming Shiba Inu’s Layer-2 network Shibarium.

In response to ShibaKraken’s outburst, Kusama asked him to stay away from the group as he did not want any issues. Despite the claims made by ShibaKraken, the community reaffirmed its confidence in Kusama through a poll created by prominent Shiba Inu influencer Lucie. 

Bigger Entertainment CEO Reacts

Meanwhile, Cooper saw the dispute as an opportunity to comment on his past relationship with the Shiba Inu team. In a recent tweet, Cooper expressed happiness that Shiba Inu community members have started “seeing the truth come to light.”

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While Cooper wishes not to get involved with the Shiba Inu project again, he could not help but “feel” for SHIB enthusiasts. Cooper described the things happening behind the scenes of Shiba Inu as “insane,” which destroyed many people, including him and his company.

Cooper further alleged that Shiba Inu developers and the “Breed team” were in the business of lying to the community and labeling anyone who saw these lies a scammer. The Bigger Entertainment CEO further explained why he left the Shiba Inu ecosystem, saying:

“I had to. It was a make-or-break point for us to salvage any reputation left. The team behind the scenes considered us a threat and blatantly told us they would do smear campaigns against us and label us scammers across the internet.” 

Cooper’s Shiba Inu Burn Efforts

It can be recalled that Cooper was once in the good books of the Shiba Inu community for the role he played in reducing the SHIB supply. To reduce Shiba Inu’s supply, Cooper introduced a music streaming website to incinerate the token. He further progressed to sell merchandise such as hoodies and T-shirts, with a part of the profit used to burn SHIB. In February 2022, Cooper announced plans to introduce an app, dubbed SHIBFIT, tipped to burn SHIB tokens as people burn calories from their bodies. Cooper’s Bigger Entertainment gained popularity for playing a huge role in burning the canine-themed cryptocurrency. 

Cooper Ended Ties With Shiba Inu

However, everything changed on April 1, 2022 (fools’ day), after Cooper announced his company had decided to end the SHIB burn campaign

While many thought it was a stunt, Cooper deleted all Shiba Inu-related tweets from his Twitter handle, leaving no trace of his affiliation to the doggy-themed crypto project. 

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