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Investors Are Bullish On Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) And The Sandbox (SAND)


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In the current bear market, crypto investors are feeling a little hopeless. Countless new projects have crashed, scandals have occurred amongst some of the biggest projects, and many cryptocurrencies have experienced annual lows.

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Now Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) and The Sandbox (SAND) are bringing new hope to the market. Both projects offer great utility and use cases, with Orbeon Protocol notably having risen by over 987%. Here’s why investors are bullish on Orbeon Protocol and The Sandbox. 


Orbeon Protocol Becomes One Of The Most Popular Presales Of 2023

Orbeon Protocol has grown exponentially in three months, rising from its initial presale value of $0.004 to $0.0435. Analysts predict additional price surges, with Orbeon Protocol on track to hit $0.24 during its presale. 

Orbeon Protocol looks to provide startups with funding alternatives, helping them to stop relying on venture capitalists. The current funding process is resource-heavy for startups, who compete in a highly saturated market, waiting months for funding that could be declined. 

With the Orbeon Launchpad, startups can quickly raise funds from multiple investors. Instead of looking for a sole investor, Orbeon Protocols’ multi-chain DeFi launchpad lets businesses raise money with equity-based NFTs. Each NFT represents equity in the business and is fractionalized so that retail investors can get involved for as little as $1. 

Before being able to release NFTs, startups must go through the Orbeon Protocol vetting process, after which they’re required to set funding targets. These targets activate Orbeon Protocols’ “Fill or Kill” security mechanic, which refunds investors if a startup misses their funding targets. 

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As well as a launchpad, Orbeon Protocol will also showcase a unique swap, exchange, decentralized wallet, and Metaverse, each powered by ORBN tokens. ORBN has a total supply of 888,000,000 tokens, with locked liquidity for ten years to prevent a rug pull. 

Investors who hold ORBN will receive trading discounts throughout the Orbeon Protocol ecosystem, as well as cashback in USDC, access to private investment groups, and more. With stage three looking to sell out in January, investors are flocking toward Orbeon Protocol, which has quickly become one of the most in-demand presales of 2023. 

The Sandbox Experiences Second Price Increase In 2023

The Sandbox (SAND) is a unique Metaverse world with over 2 million players. The Sandbox (SAND) is built on the Ethereum blockchain and provides players with various interactive experiences to generate income whilst playing the game. 

The Sandbox offers three features: The Sandbox Market, Vox Edit, and the game itself, where players can complete in-game tasks, play with friends and buy land, which can be used to generate SAND passively. 

During the second week of February, the value of The Sandbox (SAND) token increased by 19.22% to $0.5701, with further increases predicted in the upcoming weeks. Given The Sandbox’s large user base and outstanding utility, many investors believe The Sandbox (SAND) could be one of the best investments of the year if the project can continue building its community. 

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