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Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Trolls Solana’s ‘Grizzlython’


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Hoskinson is not willing to bury the hatchet.

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Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has reacted to Solana’s latest hackathon, dubbed ‘Grizzlython,’ apparently deriding the idea.

In a tweet today, the Cardano founder reacted to the promotional video, questioning the event’s name with a Mike Tyson GIF.

“Grizzlython you say?” Hoskinson wrote.

For context, the boxing legend has a speech impediment called a lisp. Notably, people with this condition find it challenging to pronounce the letters ‘s’ and ‘z.’

It is worth noting that there is no love lost between the Cardano and Solana communities. It is a feud primarily sparked by Solana’s co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko deriding Cardano developers for being too careful in a video that made the rounds on Twitter last June. Notably, Yakovenko predicted that Cardano’s dedication to correctness would prevent them from delivering on their promises.

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Consequently, Hoskinson has made it a point to troll the Cardano competitor. Solana’s argument has not been helped by its frequent network outages that usually last for hours. Hoskinson, as a result, has often compared the leading blockchain network to an old Nintendo console.

Details of the Latest Solana Hackathon

Solana promotes Grizzlython as a fight against the bear market by building the next big Web 3 project on Solana. It is an online competition billed to run till Mar. 14, with Solana asserting that participants can go from idea to company in 6 weeks. Notably, winners will get a chance to pitch to investors at an exclusive demo day event.

Participants compete in 7 tracks with $5 million in prizes. The categories include mobile, decentralized finance (DeFi), payments, consumer, tools & infrastructure, gaming, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and network states. Each category has five winners, with prizes from $10,000 to $30,000. In addition, there will be a grand champion with special climate and university awards, with different cash prizes.

While it is an online competition, community members will be opening co-work spaces in cities worldwide to help participants work together. The cities include Singapore, Delhi, Bangalore, Berlin, Salt Lake City, Ho Chi Minh, and Melbourne.

The completion comes when the network has suffered challenges primarily triggered by the revelations of Sam Bankman-Fried’s fraud. SBF and his now-bankrupt crypto exchange were among the most prominent Solana backers, even housing Solana developers at their offices. In the wake of the FTX collapse, notable projects on the network have revealed plans to migrate to Ethereum and Polygon.

Head of growth at Solana Foundation, Matty Taylor, disclosed that over 1000 developers entered the competition within 24 hours of the announcement.

At press time, the Grizzlython Discord has 1,293 members. Solana announced it on Feb. 2.

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