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Ukraine IT Deputy Minister Says Country Ranked Among Top 3 That Love Metaverse


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Ukraine continues to dominate crypto-friendly metrics even as the conflict with Russia continues.

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Ukraine has ranked third amongst countries that love the metaverse.

This is according to a recent report by crypto-data-focused firm CoinKickoff. Notably, the firm analyzed 1.6 million tweets, 19 metaverses, Google search volumes in 192 countries, and visual comparisons of metaverse worlds to real-life places to arrive at its findings.

The report found that 54.9% of Ukrainians expressed positive metaverse sentiment based on positive tweets alone. It ranked third, beaten only by Vietnam, which ranked first, and the Philippines, second. Per the report, other nations with high metaverse affinity include Nigeria and Indonesia.

Unsurprisingly, the positive crypto data caught the attention of Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation, Alex Bornyakov, with the official taking to Twitter to share the development today.

It comes as the country has turned to crypto as a source of donation and a medium of exchange in the wake of the Russian invasion that has endured for nearly a year. The country quickly legalized the sector in March as donations rushed in, at one point raising over $55 million in crypto in a single week. 

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 As of November 30, the country had raised over $184 million in crypto, according to Crystal Analytics. While it is nowhere near as much as what the country received from traditional international donations from world governments, Bornyakov hailed these donations’ timeliness in the conflict’s first weeks. According to the deputy minister last year, it helped provide critical military, communication, and medical resources.

Consequently, as reported in July, Bornyakov asserted that crypto remained a key component of Ukraine’s defense strategy. Chainalysis’s 2022 data saw the country jump one spot to third in its ranking of countries by crypto adoption.

A Blockworks report from January reveals that leading crypto exchange Binance has partnered with ANC, one of the country’s biggest pharmaceutical companies, to allow users to pay for drugs and other products using Binance Pay. It is worth noting that this is not the crypto exchange’s first involvement in Ukraine’s war effort.

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