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Crypto Lending Platform to Support Shibarium and List BONE


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The crypto lending platform is the latest crypto entity to declare support for the upcoming layer-2 network.

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CoinRabbit, a major crypto lending platform, has decided to support Shibarium. The team behind the crypto lender recently announced on Twitter, expressing their eagerness for the upcoming launch of the layer-2 network.


CoinRabbit also disclosed plans to list BONE, the governance token for ShibaSwap DEX, and the gas token for Shibarium. According to their recent disclosure, BONE will be available on the platform starting next week, making it the second token within the Shiba Inu ecosystem to receive support on CoinRabbit in addition to SHIB.


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Founded in November 2020, CoinRabbit is a crypto lending platform fast becoming a leading provider of lending solutions in the cryptocurrency market. With more than 130 coins available, the platform provides various lending options to meet the diverse needs of its clients. They also offer unlimited stablecoin loans using crypto assets as collateral.

CoinRabbit’s recent announcement is part of a growing trend among various platforms that have expressed their eagerness to support Shibarium upon its launch, which is expected to occur before May.

Shibarium Gaining Attention

Amid the buzz surrounding the Shibarium launch, which is expected to occur before May, BONE, which will be the network’s gas token, has recently garnered a lot of attention from numerous crypto platforms. The token became the first featured asset on CoinMerge to utilize its latest updates. The asset was also listed on XT.com earlier this month.

Most recently, NOWNodes, a leading blockchain infrastructure provider, revealed plans to support Shibarium as one of the first node providers. Before the NOWNodes announcement, the non-custodial decentralized wallet Atomic Wallet declared support for Shibarium upon launch.

Ledger and Swapzone have also disclosed plans to support the L2 network.

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