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XRPL Labs Releases Xumm 2.4.0 With New Payments, NFTs, and Security Features


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It is worth noting that the update comes with three major changes.

XRPL Labs has released Xumm 2.4.0, the first update to the leading XRP Ledger wallet in seven months.

The team disclosed this in a press statement sent to The Crypto Basic, attached to an accompanying blog post. The Xumm team also released a Twitter post to confirm this. Per the post, developers published the update as a “phase release.” Hence, it may take a few minutes, hours, or even days before it is visible on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for some users.

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It is worth noting that the update comes with three major changes. These features include support for cross-currency payments, improved encryption, and greater NFT functionality.

The cross-currency payment feature utilizes Pathfinding, a solution teased by Wietse Wind, a senior XRPL Labs, and Xumm developer last year. It would allow users to make payments with any XRPL-supported token while the receiver receives the payment in a preferred currency, eliminating the need for manual conversion. As confirmed by an XRPL Labs spokesperson, it is utilized in Frii Pay, a retail payment solution launched by Xumm in partnership with Frii, allowing retailers to receive crypto payments in any currency they choose. 

For security, Xumm has upgraded to the AES 512-GCM encryption algorithm. After updating the wallet, users must manually change to the latest encryption algorithm within account settings. However, accounts created after the upgrade will automatically run on the latest encryption. In addition, users can now revoke third-party push notifications. 

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Meanwhile, new NFT features will allow users to view NFTs on the home screen, with the added ability to view orders and trade their digital collectibles within the app.

Xumm 2.4.0 introduces all these and more, including the ability to switch between viewing XRP balances in fiat or XRP.

The Xumm 2.4.0 launch follows the announcement of the release date last week after developers hinted at a near release last month. Meanwhile, developers have teased new developer tools scheduled for rollout in Q2. Notably, these tools promise to benefit xApp builders particularly. For context, xApps are web applications embedded in the crypto wallet offering specific services to users.

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